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This site is a community effort to organize extended help files for the latest version of TNG by Darrin Lythgoe.

TNG V10 Changes TNG V9 Changes TNG V8 Changes Getting Started Other Articles
information on TNG V10 information on TNG V9 information on TNG V8 installation and setup information that might be of interest

TNG V10 Major Changes

TNG V10 Change Impacts
TNG V10 Mods

TNG V9 Major Changes

TNG V9 Change Impacts
Template Settings - V9
Simile Timeline Settings
Using the Simile Timeline
TNG V9 Mods
TNG V9 upgrade problems

TNG 9.2.0

Media - Upload

TNG V8 Changes

TNG V8 Impacts
TNG V8 upgrade problems

Getting Started with TNG
Database - Creating
Upgrading TNG
Making Changes to TNG
Installation articles

Setup articles
Google Maps - Getting Started
User Pages - Getting_Started
User Pages - Multi-Language
Histories - Creating

Family Group Worksheet
Why use the Mod Manager

Maintaining your site
Backing up or restoring your site
Updating database directly using SQL
Creating Reports
Using Google Maps
How TNG builds a page
Understanding TNG
Understanding Template Settings - TNG V9
Creating a new Template - TNG V9
TNG Colouring Book
Tuning for Tablet Display

Articles / Pages recently added to the TNG-Wiki
Date Added Article / Feature
15 Feb 2014 Tuning for Tablet Display shows how I tuned my template 4 to display correctly on the mini iPad tablet
14 Feb 2014 Histories - Creating shows how to use the TNG Histories Media collection to create histories
14 Mar 2013 Media - Upload shows how to use the new Media Upload function in TNG 9.2
TNG 9.2.0
11 Feb 2012 TNG V9 upgrade problems shows some of the problems seen when users upgraded
2 Feb 2012 TNG V9 Major Changes identifies significant items from the Change History on the download page
2 Feb 2012 TNG V9 Change Impacts identifies changes you may need to make as a result of the TNG V9 upgrade
2 Feb 2012 Template Settings - V9 identifies major changes to Template Settings for TNG V9
2 Feb 2012 Simile Timeline identifies major changes to Simile Timeline for TNG V9
2 Feb 2012 TNG V9 Mods list of mods that were eliminated, that work with only version number change, that were reworked, and those that need reworking
19 Nov 2011 Mod Guidelines instructions updated for TNG V9 mod naming standards

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== TNG Categories == == Creating TNG Wiki articles ==

The TNG Wiki uses the MediaWiki CategoryTree extension, which provides an alternate view of the articles grouped in Categories as shown in the left panel. If you click on a [+] sign it will expand to show the list of articles grouped under that category. If you click on a [-] sign it will contract the list.

See TNG_Wiki_organization for how the articles are organized in the TNG Wiki.

The following provides some of the information helpful to creating new articles:

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