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The TNG Getting Started Guide pertains to items that are helpful on initial install and setup of a TNG site.

Installation and Setup Site Look and Feel Modifying your site Helpful Software
information on installing, upgrading, and setting up your site information on controlling the look and feel of your site information on additional changes you can make software that might be helpful to maintain your site
Installing TNG

Setting up your site

Other Settings

Upgrading TNG

Customization - an overall guide
Templates - Explained - what files make up the templates
Templates - Getting Started - how to chose a template and how to make changes
Template Settings - V9
Template Settings
Modifying templates - making changes to Home Page variables
Text variables - explained
Home Pages - Getting Started
Home Pages - Multi-Language
User Pages - Getting Started
User Pages - Multi-Language
Google Maps - Getting Started
Creating a new Template - TNG V9
TNG Colouring Book

Import Data
Maintaining your site
Backing up or restoring your site
Permissions Explained
Making Changes
Making Changes to TNG
Controlling date display
Inputting Dates
Using the Mod Manager

Notepad++ or PSPad for editing the TNG php files on a Windows platform
TextWrangler for editing php files on a Mac
FileZilla - FTP Client for using FTP to copy your files to your hosting service web site
Using Firebug in FireFox browser