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The TNG Wiki is a community effort to organize information on the The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (TNG) written by Darrin Lythgoe. TNG is a licensed web application suitable for inclusion on small, non-commercial websites, and is powerful way to manage and display your family tree on your own website, without generating any static HTML. Instead, your information is stored in a database and the pages are created on demand using PHP and MySQL, so new information added to your website is immediately available.

While TNG is a licensed software product, the software owner allows TNG users to customize the code which several experience users have shared with the community as TNG Mods

New TNG Wiki Users

New TNG Wiki users should read the New TNG Wiki Users article to learn how the TNG Wiki is organized using categories and how to create / update wiki articles

New Articles other than Mods

The following are new articles other than TNG Mods that were recently added to the TNG Wiki. For new mods, see Mods for TNG v11, and for information about what a mod is, see Mod Manager.

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Articles / Pages recently added to the TNG-Wiki
Date Added Article / Feature
7 August 2017‎ My User Links Add-on add-on script that adds personalised links to TNG pages
28 March 2017‎ My User Buttons Add-on add-on script that adds personalised navigation buttons to TNG pages
21 February 2017 TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners an attempt to explain the meaning of mod version numbers
29 December 2016 WP and TNG direct integration, no plugin needed (Kloosterman method)
17 March 2016 DNA Tests explains several concepts pertaining to using the new DNA Tests capability in TNG V11.
23 Feb 2016 TNG Data Entry Using TNG's Data Entry Screens to maintain your data.
17 Feb 2016 Formatting_Tables_for_Mobile_Display How to get tables in user created pages to stack or fold on smart phones.
6 Dec 2015 New TNG Wiki Users new article created from Main Page content on how to use the TNG Wiki and how it is organized
28 Nov 2015 Change TNG Wiki email address
28 Nov 2015 Change TNG Wiki Password
26 Nov 2015 Making pages switch languages updated for MediaWiki 1.25.3 upgrade on TNG Wiki
26 Nov 2015 TNG Wiki Buttons Added to WikiEditor updated for MediaWiki 1.25.3 upgrade on TNG Wiki
25 Nov 2015 PHP - The Least You Need to Know
25 Nov 2015 WebApps - The Least You Need To Know major update to Leslie Price's article by Robin Richmond
10 Nov 2015 TNG Wiki Upgrade to MW 1.25.3 provides an overview of the MediaWiki upgrade made to the TNG Wiki
10 Nov 2015 Cite provides an overview on using <ref></ref> to create footnotes
10 Nov 2015 Echo provides an overview of how to use the new notification capabilities on the TNG Wiki
25 Aug 2015 Customization provides an overview on customizing TNG
30 Jul 2015 Image Preview provides information on how the image preview works in TNG 10.l.2
3 Jul 2015 FTP provides an overview of the File Transfer Protocol
22 Apr 2015 Tuning for Mobile Display provides an overview of several mods to TNG that make it more responsive on smart phones and tablets
8 Jan 2015 Mod Manager all Mod Manager articles were updated for the TNG 10.1 version. See Related Links section for other articles updated.
20 Dec 2014 Dealing with Mods in TNG 10.1 article created for how to deal with mods that use MySQL in TNG 10.1 which now uses MySQLi
15 Feb 2014 Tuning for Tablet Display shows how I tuned my template 4 to display correctly on the mini iPad tablet
14 Feb 2014 Histories - Creating shows how to use the TNG Histories Media collection to create histories
14 Mar 2013 Media - Upload shows how to use the new Media Upload function in TNG 9.2
TNG 9.2.0

Customizing Your Site

The Customizing Your Site section provides links to articles that may be helpful in customizing your TNG web site. These articles are also included in the appropriate TNG Guides and Categories in the left sidebar.

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Basics Intermediate Advanced
articles on what you should know regarding TNG web sites articles that might require more experience articles that might require programming changes as you gain more experience

TNG Major Features

The TNG Major Features section provides information on when the major features added to TNG. The Change Impacts articles in the major version provide impact information when upgrading from a previous TNG version. When upgrading from more than the immediate previous TNG major version, you need to read all the applicable Change Impacts articles for the intermediate versions. Likewise the TNG vNN Mods articles provides information on impacted and obsolete mods for that TNG version upgrade.