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TNG version: 12.0.0

24. Media: The "checklogin" function can now be suppressed from "historytemplate" pages by setting $nologin = 1 before the "tng_begin.php" library is included.

The TNG v12 historytemplate.php now includes the following change before the include( "../tng_begin.php"); which will skip the login check

//1a: If you want to skip the login check when displaying this page, remote the comment marks from this line:
//$nologin = 1;

If you develop user pages that do not use the historytemplate.php file and uses the include( "../tng_begin.php"); you can set the $nologin flage to 1 before the include to bypass the login check, such that those pages can be made available to every visitor even though your site requires a user to login.