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For adding single media items and link them to a person or family, the simplest way involves the following procedure. You must be logged in if your site requires login.
An additional method for adding new media in Admin is provided at Media - Add New

Add New Media - Procedure (Person or Family)

1. On the public side (not admin)...Navigate to the person's page you want the photo (or other media) to appear on.

2. Click the Edit tab (for person or family)

3. On the person's edit screen, look toward the top for a link called "Add Media"...just below the tabs on that screen. Click that and the edit screen changes to the "Add New Media" screen.


4. Select the collection desired in the drop-down list.

5. Under Media File, click "Browse" button to navigate to the image file on your hard drive. (If it is already uploaded to a specific folder, use the "Select" button.)

6. Under Thumbnail Image File, unless you have a specific pre-created thumbnail image you want to use, click the radio button named "Create from original"...and TNG will create a thumbnail for you when you save and upload. (If you do already have one, leave the default setting at "Specify image" and click the "Browse" button and upload your thumbnail file. If you have already uploaded your thumbnail image file to a specific folder, click the Select button.)

7. If desired to store these files in the Multimedia Folder instead of the collection folder (Photos, Documents, etc.), under Store files in, click the radio button for "Multimedia Folder".

8. Enter a title (this becomes the link on the page next to the thumbnail image, and is what you would later search for when searching for it in the media listings)

9. Enter a description (optional...this will display beneath the title on the page, but not be part of the link itself...also, you can use HTML here to create additional ways of displaying more information, such as an iframe or collapsing paragraph with info)

10. Add any additional information using the fields and checkboxes below, and click the "Save and continue..." button. (Uploads the media, saves the title, description and settings, and takes you to the Edit Existing Media screen.)

11. Correct any errors in title, description or settings, and add any additional as provided (and save). Set the photo as default for that person if desired,* and link additional people or families to the image.
Note: Only one photo can be the default photo for a person at a time. If you add a second default photo, this changes the default to the second.

12. Save (Saves any new settings and information.)

Note: When on an Edit Existing Media screen, the image and its settings information is already saved. If you do not change those settings, this page does not need to be resaved if you choose to add people or families to the list of those people linked to the media. Also if you check or uncheck the Default Photo or Show boxes, no resave is needed. Linking and changing the checkbox settings is automatically saved to the database table when you click the Add button or click the checkboxes. Refreshing the individual's page after clicking one of these will verify that they have "already" been saved. The foregoing note may be confusing to some. If so, just ignore it and save as usual. It is only provided to make it possible to save a step.

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