Admin Screen Layout

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Admin Screen Layout

4. Admin: The Admin menu will no longer use an HTML "frameset". The layout will be the same, but it will use fixed DIVs instead.

  • the nice benefits of the Admin screen layout no longer using a frameset are:
    • the Admin screen immediately reflects a change in Template when a new template is selected without having to do a reload of the Admin home page
    • right clicking on any Admin Screen Links launches the full Admin screen and not just the script in the main frame
    • the browser URL now actually shows what script is running, so you do not have to right click to find out what script is involved

7. Admin: The Admin language switching dropdown has been moved from the top frame to the Important Task section of the main area.

  • language selection in TNG Admin is now only on the admin Home screen
  • the left menu is now collapsible
TNG 13 Admin Layout

5. Admin: The left-side menu on the Admin page can now slide in and out (and TNG will remember that as you navigate to other pages).

  • when the left menu is collapsed, it allows wider tables, like the users table to fully display without scroll
TNG 13 Collapsed Users