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TNG 13.0
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Age at Marriage
Summary Adds a "Age at Marriage" field to getperson.php
Mod Updated 14 Mar 2022
Download link v12.3.0.5
TNG 12.0
TNG 13.0
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Author(s) Michel Kirsch
Homepage Racines luxo-hennuyeres
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer MyMail
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Max TNG V n.c
Files modified


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Purpose of the Mod

Adds a field to the TNG main page (getperson.php) with the age of the married persons at the wedding date.
If the partner's age is equal to or less than a limit you set, his or her age will be coloured and bolded. You can adjust the age at which the partner's age will be coloured. You can also choose the color.
It takes a minimum of the wedding's YEAR AND the birth's (or baptism's) YEAR for the field to display.
In the parameters, you could also choose between 3 different displays :
1 = He : 20 years and 6 months - She 19 years and 1 month.
2 = He : 20 years - She 19 years.
3 = He : 20.5 years - She 19.08 years.
A second parameter to display text is proposed :
1 = He was .... - She was....
2 = He : .. She : ...
3 = Nothing (Example : 20 years and 6 months - 19 years and 1 month.)
Since version 2c, marriage between persons of the same sex has been the subject of adapted messages.
Since version 2d, you can add "old" at the end of line (appropriate parameter must be set to 1 in Mod Manager)
Since version 3, You can display the age at marriage for the parents too (default) Since version 4 and 4a, the marriage duration is calculated and a parameter file keeps your settings at upgrade.



The new added field for the family AND the parents.


Based on an idea of Jean-Louis Valory and Written by : Michel Kirsch from Charleroi - Hainaut - Belgium Many people have contributed with their ideas and tests to the development of the Mod: Bob, Hanne, Katryne, Ken, Rick, Rob, Ron,...


A TNG v12.3.0 installation in working order.

IMPORTANT : Before installing

Before installing, it is judicious to make a backup copy of the files that will be modified by this mod.

TNG Modules Impacted

You can click on the [Expand] link on the right to display the list of TNG Modules change and the [Collapse] link to hide this section again.

The following TNG Modules are modified, and should be backed up prior to installing this mod:



  • Unzip the received file directly in the "mods" sub directory of your TNG installation.
  • Via Mod Manager, install the Mod.


  • Uninstall and eventually Delete the current Mod.
  • Your settings are protected during the update process.
  • Proceed as for an installation with the new Mod.

Known Problems

None at this day...

In the event of a problem

  • Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  • Copy the backup of the affected files back to your TNG directory
  • Retry. If the problem persists, open an issue in the TNG Community Forums or on the page of Michel Kirsch. At worst, send a mail to MyMail


This Mod is supplied with Swedish, Italian, Portuguese (since v5), Danish (since v3), Czech, German (since v2d), Dutch (since v2a), French and English languages.
If you wish to add another language the following fields of cust_text.php are to be modified:

You can click on the [Expand] link on the right to display the list of TNG Modules change and the [Collapse] link to hide this section again.

// Age at Marriage Mod
$text['mahe'] = "He :";
$text['mashe'] = "She :";
$text['mahewas'] = "He was";
$text['mashewas'] = "She was";
$text['marriedage'] = "Age at Marriage";
$text['mamonth'] = "month";
$text['mamonths'] = "months";
$text['old'] = "old";
$text['marsince'] = "Married ";
$text['marduring'] = "Were Married ";
$text['mamax'] = "less than ";
// Age at Marriage Mod


Accessible via the "Edit options" button of the Mod Manager, there are 11 options:

You can click on the [Expand] link on the right to display the list of TNG Modules change and the [Collapse] link to hide this section again.

1) Text to be displayed.

Options : 1 = He was 20 years - She was 19 years
: 2 = He : 20 years - She : 19 years.
: 3 = 20 years - 19 years

2) Set to 1, this parameter display the first part of the first name instead the pronoun He/She. Default is 0.

   Since v5, you can choose how many parts of the firstname the Mod will display (1 for the first part, 3 for the 3 first parts of the firstname, etc...)
      Example : Helmut was 20 years - Elise was 19 years

3) Display of the age.

Options : 1 = ... 20 years and 6 months.
: 2 = ... 20 years.
: 3 = ... 20,5 years.

4) Set on 1, this adds the word "old" at the end of the sentence.

      Example : Helmut was 20 years old. (jähren alt / jaren oud / ....)

5) You can provide a sign indicating that this age is estimated. This will be the case when a date is not complete.
Recommandations : You must provide a space char at the end of your sequence if needed => [~]space. Left blank for no sign.

     Example : the birthdate is only "1974" => Helmut was 20 years and 3 months old [~]

6) Separator used between the spouse's age at display. The default is - (Hyphen)
You can use an another separator, but you must use its ASCII number! (See this list)

7) Depending of the separator you use and the language you use, the separator (parameter 6)must be preceeded or not with a space.
With this parameter set to 1, a space will precede the separator.

8) If set on 1, the program try to add a sentence about the marriage length.

Examples : Were married 15 years and 5 months. => The spouses are divorced or at least one of them is deceased.
: Married 25 years and 8 months => the marriage is still active.
: Were Married less than 5 years => No divorce and no death : the length is based on the date of the next spouse's marriage.

9) If this parameter is set on 1, the age at marriage of the current person's parents will be displayed too.

10) Minimum age to marry. If the spouse is younger than this age, the age at marriage will be presented in bold and
in the color defined at parameter 11, thus drawing your attention to a possible date error.

11) This color will highlight that the spouse is younger than the minimum age you define at parameter 10. Left blank to use default color (black)

Historic of modifications

Version Release Date Contents 14 Mar 2022 Code is now in a separate file - Fix problems with same sex marriage and display of firstnames instead pronouns - Add Portuguese, Swedish and Italian languages - Option 2) modified to display more than one part of the firstname. 18 Feb 2022 Add a protected parameters file - Refine the conditions to display the "estimated" sign (~) which is now displayed before the age instead at line's end. 15 Feb 2022 Add a sentence giving the marriage duration (Thanks to Bob's idea!) - Fix 2 PHP8 warnings - Add parameters in relation with new functionnalities and display (See list above) - Can display firstnames instead pronouns He/She. - Take in account marriage of same sex. 25 Dec 2021 Add the age at marriage for the parents row too (Thanks to Ron idea !). 18 mar 2021 Minor modification to avoid PHP warnings (Brent). 17 nov 2020 You can now add 'old' at the end of the line (She was 23 years old) - Voor Nederlands, u kan nu 'oud' aan het einde vand de lijn (Ze was 23 jaren oud)). 15 oct 2020 Marriage between persons of the same sex has been the subject of adapted messages. 21 sep 2020 Some language files are optional to allow installation for users who have deleted these files from their version. 29 Aug 2020 Add a second parameter to display text. 26 Aug 2020 Modify code to calculate age (years no more rounded) - Add options for display - Does not show ages if the two ages are unknown 23 Aug 2020 Change variables to avoid problems with other Mods (Relate Mod). Changing EN cust_text.php 22 Aug 2020 First online version.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:
If you have any problem to do it, send me a mail...

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(account on request) 13.1.1 PL / EN
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