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TNG version: 10.0

Starting with TNG V10, you can now add Body Text and images to any media record. Using the Body Text input box, you can now enter text that you want displayed with the image. This new capability

  • eliminates the need to put translations in the Description
  • avoids cluttering the media collection list with extra information
  • displays the Body Text below the image or if you use the ShowTable Mod, in a separate row in the table

Entering Body Text

Prior to TNG V10, you had to use the Body Text for Translation mod if you wanted to add Body Text to a media record that contained an image. The NicEditor allows you to enter HTML formatting of the text.

You can use the Body Text to enter translations of original document images

TNGv9 NicEdit body text.jpg

Note that the OR Body Text should probably read AND Body Text to indicate that you can use both.

Body Text Display

TNG displays the Body Text below the image.

Body Text v10 display.png

You can install the ShowTable Mod to move the Body Text display to the table below the image.

Body Text v10 ShowTable display.png

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