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Ambox notice.png The Branch Labeling was written using TNG V10. Some of the information may apply to prior versions but the labeling parameters will not be remember prior to TNG V10.
TNG 10.0

New Parameters

The Edit Branch screen in TNG V10 and above, shows the parameters used to create the Branch. Starting Individual TNG v10 branch label parameters.png

Enter or find the ID of the individual with whom your branch begins. All partial branches are defined by a starting individual and a number of ancestral or descendant generations from that individual.

You can add additional names by repeating this process and picking a different "Starting Individual". When you save your branch, only the most recent Starting Individual will be remembered, but all labels added previously will not be affected.

Add Labels

TNG version: 10.0
Add Labels in TNG V10 and above is now an AJAX dialog launched from the Edit Branch screen. TNG v10 add labels.png

Clear Labels

TNG version: 10.0
Clear Labels in TNG V10 and above is in the Add Label AJAX dialog launched from the Edit Branch screen TNG v10 clear partial labels.png

You can also use Clear All meaning that all members of this tree that contain this label will be cleared.

Show People

TNG version: 10.0
Show Labels in TNG V10 and above is AJAX dialog launched from the Edit Branch screen TNG v10 show labels.png

If the Show People does not return the same counts that are in your Branch List table, then the parameters you entered for the Branch Labels in TNG V10 do not match those used to originally assign the branch, or you manually assigned this branch to persons who do not meet the branch labeling criteria specified.

Verifying Counts

TNG version: 10.0

If you assign Branch Labels using only the Descendants and Include spouses for all descendants from a Starting Individual, then you can verify whether you need to relabel your branches by

  • selecting the Descendants Tab and
  • selecting Register as the display option
  • setting the Generation pull down to the maximum number of generations or matching the number you specified in the Descendants input box

The number of families added to the last numbered descendant from the Register Report should equal approximately the number of people show in the Branch table. I say approximately because adding the number of families might include people whose spouse is not shown in the database.

If the number of people shown in the Branch table list is less than the last numbered individual plus the number of families from the Branch table list, then you need to relabel this branch since new people and families have been added as descendants to the starting individual.

A Descendant Example

The following is a branch labeling example. If you uncheck the Include spouses for all descendants box, when labeling only Descendants and not any Ancestors, then the Branch Labeling should return the same count as the Register report.

  • when Include Spouses is not checked
Total Affected: 358 People, 169 Families
  • when include spouses is checked
Total Affected: 524 People, 169 Families.

If you add 358 + 169 the count is 527 which is close to 524 The reason for the difference is that 3 of the descendants have children but no spouse is shown in the database.

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