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A set of sample TNG reports contributed by Henny Savenije. The layout is a bit messy but I had two choices. If I leave the wiki markup on, the double quotes ('') were used to change the text into italics. To see a better layout, edit the page and copy the text between < nowiki> < /nowiki> NB: pay close attention that the table names are the same. I used the standard ones with maybe one exception. I used tng_ass instead of tng_associations. Some people might have chosen different names. In that case replace the table names in a simple search and replace action in notepad.

Some servers need the tree name added in the statements, in that case add ,gedcom after the SELECT statement. So if I have

SELECT personID, lnprefix, lastname, firstname, burialdate, burialdatetr FROM

Change that to

SELECT personID, lnprefix, lastname, firstname, burialdate, burialdatetr, gedcom FROM

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