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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v14 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V14.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files. If you have not updated your cust_text.php files previously, you also need to have updated your cust_text.php files using the Recommended Updates tab in the Mod Manager.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.
Please read the TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners for an explanation on the mod version number meaning before downloading mods. You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version.

TNG 14.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 14.0

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The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v14 category:

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Note: the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
08 Jun 2024 Scroll Mod Update Option menu displayed incorrect value for 2 settings Steven Davis
04 Jun 2024 Place Edit No Checkbox Update Removes the "Make changes to place name in existing events" checkbox at the bottom of the Edit Place form. Robin Richmond
29 May 2024 Image Captcha Mod New Corrections to locate custom mods folder and misc. Bob Carver|Rick Bisbee
12 May 2024 Image Captcha Mod New Various enhancements and more images available. Bob Carver|Rick Bisbee
24 Apr 2024 Zoompan Mod New Adds a "full screen" icon to TNG Imageviewer . Rick Bisbee
28 May 2024 Move Custom Info Menu Links New Moves the custom info links without changing existing code blocks. Steven Davis
09 May 2024 Canonical Tag Mod New Adds canonical tags to optimize search engine indexing which improves SEO ratings - Resolved conflict with Simple SEO Steven Davis
7 May 2024 Parental Lines Update Updated to free query tmp storage if no rows returned thanks to Steven Davis for surfacing this problem Ken Roy
12 Mar 2024 Mobile Site Enhancements Update Update to use thumbnails class in showsource.php and fix missing comment terminator for code move in Location 5 in genlib.php Ken Roy
11 Mar 2024 Maternal And Paternal Lines Update Additional CSS updates provided by Steven Davis and to Ron Krzmarzick for testing Ken Roy
11 Apr 2024 Contact Us Full Name New Inserts the Full Name on the 'Contact Us' page, if the viewer is logged in. Brett McPhee
04 Apr 2024 Media Access Mod Update Added Dutch language corrected query Steven Davis
02 Apr 2024 Whats New Form Mod Update Modified the General Setting > Miscellaneous so that values for What's New Days and Photos are used in the Mod
  • Both values are now designated using drop-down lists (thereby preventing erroneous input).
  • Field labels, type, and explanations were modified to more accurately reflect the purpose of these default values.
  • Support for Dutch, French, and German versions of field labels and explanations is provided.
  • These default values then serve as the starting point for parallel options on the What's New page.
Bob Carver
29 Mar 2024 Display Jobs Facts Update Now hides jobs in header for living individuals. A S Dupree
26 Mar 2024 Captcha Error Reporting Mod New This Mod does nothing more than record to the PHP error log the success or failure of the reCaptha process in recaptchalib.php.

For example, [success=true] or [success=false] and [error-codes=Project #123475289896 has been deleted.].

Bob Carver
26 Mar 2024 Open My Page Update TNG V12+ Language files compliant - Added French language - MichelK Erik Hoppe
26 Mar 2024 Sort Events ByOrder Mod New Add the ability to sort Event/Attribute Types by Order #, thereby allowing the site administrator to anticipate how the Types will be sequenced on Person pages. Bob Carver
25 Mar 2024 Browsemedia Search Form Update Adds more help popups. Now dependent on TNGv14.0.4; version still works for TNGV14.0-TNGv14.0.3 Robin Richmond
25 Mar 2024 Mod Settings Blocks Update Effective upgrade to TNGv14.0.4; replaces v14.0.4.4c, which was Robin Richmond
21 Mar 2024 Customized Logs Mod Update Design modifications by Steven Davis Brian McFadyen
21 Mar 2024 Research Tools Update Minor php variable fix. A S Dupree
21 Mar 2024 Templates 24567 Mod Update Resolve conflict with Married Name in Search Mod in template 4. Steven Davis
21 Mar 2024 Regroup Person Profile Update Upgrade to TNGv14.0.4 Robin Richmond
21 Mar 2024 Browsemedia Search Form Update Added an information icon and help text for the Media Collection button and updated all help text Robin Richmond
20 Mar 2024 Menu Bar Link Mod New Adds one button in TNG nav menu so either TNG or WordPress can be the landing page. No other integration required. Steven Davis
18 Mar 2024 Whats New Form Mod Update Modify internals to conform to TNG Mod Guidelines Bob Carver
17 Mar 2024 Expand Statistics Update Fixes two queries on the data issues tab. A S Dupree
07 Mar 2024 Whats New Form Mod Update Bug fixes, layout changes, address language-specific idiosyncrasies Bob Carver
29 Feb 2024 Comments Update Use $modspath - Needs the installation of the Critical bug Fix Nr 3 OR TNG 14.0.4 - MichelK Erik Hoppe
02 Feb 2024 Show PHP Error Log Update Updated to change the anchor so mod will install on TNG 14 versions Ken Roy
02 Feb 2024 book Update Deletion of the progress bar, which generated a JavaScript error Kévin BAZAN
31 Jan 2024 Ancestor map Update Updated to fix PHP 8 warning if map is called without passing personID and treeID. Ken Roy
25 Jan 2024 Show All Family Update Someone finally noticed that the heatmap button on the origin display did not work! So it should work now. A S Dupree
25 Jan 2024 Remove Redundant Placenames Update Corrected display. Gary L Goggins
15 Jan 2024 Add Parents Children Row Update Removed unnecessary code. Brett McPhee
09 Jan 2024 Remove Name Row Update Updated to correct conflict with Associate names, Alternate spellings and Group custom events. Thanks to Michel Kirsch. Brett McPhee
06 Jan 2024 Chronology Update Fixed the display of personnal event types for living persons on open sites. Added Danish and Swedish languages (Jan Suhr). Redirect to getperson.php instead of index.php when $_SESSION is lost. MichelK

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