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Add New / Edit Existing Cemeteries

Add New Cemeteries

  • TNG allows you to categorize and display your headstone photos by cemetery. To do that, you must set up a new cemetery record for each location. Cemetery records in TNG are not related to place records and there is no GEDCOM convention for cemeteries, so even if your GEDCOM file contains cemetery names in some of your burial locations, those names will not cause cemetery records to be created in TNG when your GEDCOM file is imported.
  • To add a new cemetery, click on the Add New tab, then fill out the form. To make changes to an existing cemetery, use the Search tab to locate the cemetery, then click on the Edit icon next to that line. When adding or editing a cemetery, take note of the following:

Cemetery Name

Include the full, proper name for the cemetery. For example, the Salt Lake City Cemetery should be entered as Salt Lake City Cemetery, not just Salt Lake City or Salt Lake.

Map Image to Upload

If you have a map or other photo of this cemetery and it has not yet been uploaded to your web site, click the "Browse" button and locate it on your hard drive. If the photo is already in the Headstones folder on your site, leave this field blank and use the "Map File Name within headstones folder" field instead.

Map File Name within Headstones folder

If you had previously uploaded your map or photo to the Headstones folder, enter the path and file name as it exists within the Headstones folder on your web site, or click on the Select button to locate the file. If you are uploading your map or photo now using the previous field, use this box to enter a path and file name for your file after it is uploaded. A suggested path and file name will be prepopulated for you.

NOTE: If you are uploading now, the directory you indicate here must already exist and must be writeable. You may be able to use the "Make Folder" button in the General Settings to create the folder if it does not already exist. If that fails, use an FTP program or online file manager.

City, County/Parish, State/Province/Shire, Country

Enter as much information as you know about the location of this cemetery. The Country is required, but each of the other fields is optional.

For State/Province/Shire and Country, select an existing entry using the dropdown box. If the desired entry is not present, use the "Add New" button to add it to the list. If an entry in the list does not belong there, first select it and then click on the "Delete Selected" button.

Show/Hide Clickable Map

Click the "Show/Hide Clickable Map" button to show the Google Map. This feature is only active if you have received a "key" from Google and entered it in your TNG Map Settings (see the Map Settings Help for more information). Click the button again to hide the map. To have Google Maps search for a location, enter that location in the Geocode Location field and click the "Search" button. Alternately, you can click and drag on the map to move the "pin" until it sits at the desired location. You can also use the Zoom controls to show more detail around the desired area. See the Google Maps Help page for more information. Also see the Map Settings Help for information on default settings for your maps.


Enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of the cemetery or use the Clickable Google Map to set the values (optional, see above). NOTE Do not use the suffixes N/S/E/W in the coordinate. For North and East the coordinate is a positive number, South and West a negative number.


Enter the zoom level or adjust the zoom controls on the Google Map above to set the zoom level. This option is only available if you have received a "key" from Google and entered it in your TNG Map Settings.


If additional information is needed to describe the cemetery or its location, enter it here (optional).

Edit Existing Cemeteries


  • Click on the first Action icon
  • Note: the same fields are available to edit

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