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The following images show the visual effects of installing the Census Plus International mod.

Site Visitor

Visitors to your site will see the Census Plus International transcript displays.

You can click on the [Collapse] link on the right to hide the Site Visitor section or [Expand] to display it again.

Census custom event

With the Census Plus International mod installed, the individual (getperson.php) page shows the Census Plus information for the Household for the Census custom event in the same name order that you specify for your TNG Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Names >> Name Order.

In other words, if you display names as First Name and Surname, that is the way the Census Plus row will be displayed. Census Plus Display
Visitors can click the Image and Transcript links on the Census Plus transcript display to view the actual image. Images are displayed from your web site, if you have loaded the image to your census folder using the TranscriptID file name or updated the imageurl to point to your image, including the use of showmedia.php links. Otherwise a link is created to Ancestry.com that allows those with a subscription access. The Transcript link shows the transcript information as imported or added by the TNG Administrator.

Census image

If you use the Census Plus Image tab and update the imageurl to use your TNG Census Media collection, the visitor can view the image using the TNG Image Viewer when a showmedia link is used which can also include information added using the TNG Image Map capability using the Tooltip mod. Census Plus Image using Show Media

Census transcript

The visitor can click the Transcript link on the Census Plus transcript display on the Individual page to get a formatted transcript display. Census Plus Formatted Display

Mobile Mode

TNG version: 10.0

TNG V10 of the mod provides a Mobile Mode Display that eliminates some columns from the census transcript display in order that it will display on smart phones and tablets without overflowing the page boundary.

You can click on the [Collapse] link on the right to hide the screen capture or [Expand] to display it again.

TNG v10 tablet display template4 census.png

TNG Admin

The TNG Administrator will see the following changes in the admin side.

You can click on the [Collapse] link on the right to hide the screen capture or [Expand] to display it again.
Mod Manager screen for the Census Plus International mod shows six buttons to be used after installing the mod
  • Previously running Census Feature mod:
    • Copy Census Feature Tables
    • Create Census Plus Veterans Table (except Census Feature alpha testers who should skip this step)
    • Update Census Plus Tables
    • Backup Census Plus tables
    • Run Check Table Integrity
  • first time only:
    • Create Census Tables if they do not exist
    • Create the census and transcriptsource folders if the do not exist
After mod installing the mod
Utilities >> Back up, Restore & Optimize Table Data

The mod adds the following to the list of tables you can backup, optimize, or restore

  • Census Plus Base
  • Census Plus Data
  • Census Plus Link
  • Census Plus Summary
  • Census Plus Veteran tables .
With the mod installed

The mod adds a Census Plus International link in the left frame and button in the main frame of the TNG Admin screen.

Census Plus International in Admin
Admin >> Census

The mod adds a Census screen with View, Add, Edit, Import from Ancestry, Update Transcript, Assign IDs, and Image tabs

Census Plus International screen with various tabs

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