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You can use the following steps to change your TNG Wiki username password, whether you have forgotten your password or not:

  • click the Forgot password link
  • enter your username
  • copy temporary password from email
  • paste temporary password from email
  • change password

The above requires that you have a valid email address in the TNG Wiki user table. You may need to check your spam or junk mail folder if you do not see an email shortly after you requested a password change.

Request Temporary Password

Note that the screen has changed with the MW 1.35 upgrade in January 2021 to request a password change. Enter either your Username or email address and click the Password Reset link

TNGwiki forgot password.png

TNGwiki reset password.png

TNGwiki reset password msg.png

Change Password

TNGwiki copy temp password.png

TNGwiki paste temp password.png

TNGwiki change password.png