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The Cite Extension was added to the TNG Wiki with the MediaWiki 1.25.3 upgrade in order to allow users to add footnotes to pages.


Cite enables numbered footnotes in an article. This is done via two extra HTML constructs: <ref> and <references />.

To add a footnote, simply enclose the footnote text in the pair of brackets <ref> and </ref>. In the text of the article these will appear in square brackets such as this.[1] It's conventional to add it after any punctuation but without an intervening space.

You can also use the Insert-reference.png button on the WikiEditor toolbar to add the footnote. [2]

Cite using reference button.png

Note that if you are using a named footnote, then you will also need to modify the generated <ref to add the name= parameter.

<ref name="namednote">Using named footnote</ref>

In subsequent uses, you can then simply use

<ref name="namednote"></ref>

In order that the footnotes should appear it's necessary also to include the references tag, generally in a section marked "Notes" near the bottom of the page. Since it is not a pair, it contains its own closing /.

In Wikipedia footnotes are used both for explanations and citations. For the latter there are a large number of templates,[3] but these will only be implemented if they are considered necessary, as the TNG Wiki has relatively few citations.


  1. A sample footnote
  2. Using Reference button
  3. e.g. {{cite web}}, {{cite book}} etc.


To enable the extension the following was added to the LocalSettings.php by the bureaucrat:

# Extensions/Cite
	require_once "$IP/extensions/Cite/Cite.php";

With MediaWiki 1.35 the extension now uses

wfLoadExtension( 'Cite' );