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Obsolete The Click Counter II is now obsolete since its functionality has been incorporated into the new Click Counter III which replaces both the Click Counter II and the Click Counter Email Notify mod

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Click Counter II
Summary Download Manager
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Mod Updated 31 May 2019
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For new users]
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Author(s) Bart 'Roebie' Degryse (no longer online)
Code now supported by Rick Bisbee
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Latest Mod 1.3a
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Click Counter II is in the first place - no, you couldn't have guessed it - a click counter. You have something others can download from your website, your blog, your tng site, the tng wiki, ... and you want to know how many times it was downloaded? Well, Click Counter II will help you do just that.
But maybe you also want to show off those thousands of downloads? Click Counter II will help you do that too. You can create a link to a statistics page or you can show the number of downloads inline. There's even several methods to do it, just in case your environment would prevent you from using one or the other.
And maybe you make a lot of downloadable files. With Click Counter II you can group them to your liking. For example a group per TNG mod and each group contains all versions of the mod that have been released and all language files for that mod.


This mod was developed by Bart 'Roebie' Degryse.


  • A working web server with PHP
  • Enough patience to read the manual.


  1. Download the appropriate zip file as shown in the summary in the upper right corner of the page. NOTE that I host these zip files on my own server. That way I can count the number of downloads for each zip file. I bet you can never guess what tool I use to do that!
  2. Extract the files from the downloaded zip file (except for settings.php) into whatever folder of your web server. I strongly advise you however to use a newly created folder for this, eg ccount.
  3. Now you can open the manual. Use your browser to go to Everything you need to know (and probably much more) should be in there.
  4. Start by providing 3 essential pieces of information in the settings.php file. See the installation chapter in the manual on how to do this.
  5. After that you can start using Click Counter II. Follow the steps in the 'Using Click Counter II' and 'Counting downloads' chapters of the manual.

Upgrading to v1.3a

The following steps apply to existing v1.3 users upgrading to v1.3a

  1. Write down the options from Click Counter II Email Notify v12.0.0.0 or v9.0.0.3a (if installed).
  2. Uninstall Click Counter II Email Notify v12.0.0.0 or v9.0.0.3a (if installed).
  3. Copy the files in the extracted file to your click count folder (or extract the zip file directly in your click counter folder)
  4. Copy the click_counter_v13_upgrade.cfg file to your mods folder.
  5. For TNG v12 sites, Copy the new version of click_counter_email_notify_v12.0.0.1.cfg to your mods folder (if v12.0.0.0 was previously installed).
  6. Install Click Counter II v1.3 Upgrade.
  7. Install Click Counter II Email Notify v12.0.0.1 (if v12.0.0.0 was prior version was installed).
    for TNG versions prior to TNG v12, re-install click_counter_email_notify_v9.0.0.3a.cfg
  8. Use the Mod Manager Edit Options for Click Counter II Email Notify (if it was installed) and put back the options you wrote down in Step 1
  9. Verify that your click counter is functioning.
  10. Delete the Click Counter II Email Notify v12.0.0.0 and Click Counter II v1.3 Upgrade cfg files from your mods folder.
    This is the old version of the config for the first mod and the one time upgrade config that updates version number in the settings file for the second, so yes it is okay to delete these cfg files. (You may need to enable the Option in Mod Manager to delete installed mods without uninstalling them first, or use your FTP client to delete the cfg files)

Feature List

  • Count all hits or unique hits
  • Works for regular links as well as download links
  • Password protected admin panel
  • Links can be grouped
  • Statistics per group, per link, per selection of groups or per selection of links
  • Inline statistics
  • Graphical display of number of downloads
  • Downloadable files can be stored outside the webroot
  • Database can be stored outside the webroot
  • Extensive documentation
  • Some of the core files can be shared between Click Counter II instances

Some screenshots

Click Counter II screenshot of a group of links This image shows the Compact Person Media group. In this group are the three zip files that have been made available so far. You can see how many times each version has been downloaded, when they were added and what their unique id is. You also see the X, O and E buttons for deleting, reseting and editing each link.
To add a new link you have to provide a name and an url for the link. If you want you can also choose the group from the dropdown list. As you can see there is also extra information on each form field. Click Counter II adding a link
Click Counter II link statistics The Click Counter II admin panel also provides some statistics on the links you've created: their number, the total number of clicks, the avarage per link and the link with the most clicks.
Adding a new group with the Click Counter II admin panel is as easy as can be: just provide a group name. Click Counter II adding a group
Click Counter II group statistics The group statistics list all existing groups, their unique id and the number of links in each group. You also see the X and E buttons for deleting and editing each link.
All links, groups and number of clicks are stored in a database. Here you can make a backup of this database or restore one. I have never had to use this restore option, but better safe than sorry... Click Counter II backup and restore
Click Counter II statistics per group You can view statistics per group...
or you can show several groups at once. Click Counter II statistics multiple groups
Click Counter II statistics per link And the same for the individual links: statistics per link...
or statistics for a selection of links, even from multiple groups. Click Counter II statistics multiple links
Click Counter II inline statistics And finally you can have inline statistics.

In the event of a problem

Revision History

Version Release Date Contents
v1.3a 31 May 2019 The following issues were fixed by William 'Rick' Bisbee, Wendel Voight, and Brent Hemphill
  • Fixed Add link and Add group page links
  • Fixed PHP warnings and notices in index.php, click.php, and simpleDBAccessorSQLite.php
  • Existing users should
  • download and install the
  • download and extract the
  • copy the extracted files and replace the existing modules in their current Click Counter II folder
v1.3 16 September 2012 Fixed some bugs found by William (Rick) Bisbee. Thanks Rick!
  • Some typos in the manual
  • Replaced all php short tags (<?=) by regular tags (<?php echo)
v1.2 14 September 2012
  • Added XHTML compliancy
  • Added link to manual in admin panel
  • Moved all styling to css file
  • Some minor corrections in the manual
v1.1 8 May 2012
  • Major cleanup of the initial release
  • Added the groups feature
  • Added the backup/restore feature
  • Added the statistics feature
v1.0 Years ago Initial release

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
no public site Bart 'Roebie' Degryse Mod developer V1.3 TNG 9.0.3 NL/EN/ES/FR
Our Roy and Boucher Family Ken Roy Use with Click Counter II Email Notify mod to restrict mod downloads V1.3a TNG 12.1 EN, FR
Chambers Family Ancestry Tom Chambers Implemented to count my PDF and ZIP file downloads V1.3 TNG 9.0.3 EN
Andersson - Hoppe - Sahlin - Thorell families Erik Hoppe Implemented to count my TNG Mods V1.3 TNG 9.1.1 EN, DE, SE
Robison and Blythe Genealogy Jeff Robison Use with Click Counter II Email Notify mod to restrict mod downloads v1.2 11.1 English
Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy Graham Chamberlain Use with Click Counter II Email Notify mod to restrict mod downloads 11.1 EN, FR, DE, ES, NL
A Bisbee Family History Rick Bisbee Track mods downloaded from TNGWiki 1.3.1 12.0.3 EN
Not a public site Brett Use with Click Counter II Email Notify mod to restrict mod downloads V1.3a TNG 12.3 EN

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See Using Click Counter II on how to use the scripts to count your TNG mod downloads.

See Click Counter II Email Notify mod on how to get email notifications and how to restrict mod downloads to TNG Wiki logged-in users.