Creating a composite image

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Ambox notice.png The following steps can be used to create a composite image for Template 6 titlebottom.jpg

using Adobe Photoshop Elements V7. Similar steps will apply to different image editing software.


1 - create a blank image size width="559" height="60"

Note that if you change the image size, you will need to update the topmenu.php file to reflect your new image width and height
Create composite image new image.jpg

2 - open the images that you want to use for the collage

Note that you may want to resize the images you want to use for the composite image to the same height as the new image, 60px before copying them.
2a . Select, All
Create composite image select all.jpg

2b. Edit, Copy
Create composite image edit copy.jpg

3 - switch to the new image window

3a. Edit, Paste
Create composite image new edit paste.jpg
3b. drag and move the image where you want it to be displayed in the new image
Create composite image new drag image.jpg
repeat the above steps in step 2 and 3 for each image you want to include in the collage

4 - Merge the layers

4a. Merge
4b. Merge Layers

5 - save the new titlebottom_new.jpg image

6 - rename the current titlebottom.jpg file to titlebottom_old.jpg

7 - rename the new titlebottom_new.jpg to titlebottom.jpg

Your new composite image should now be used in the Template 6 top banner created by topmenu.php