Creating images from a PDF

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The following was posted by Bart Degryse on the TNG User2 list for converting a PDF to multiple images:

  1. Install the free Bullzip PDF printer.
    I've been using this program for over 6 years (I was even one of the first beta testers in those early days of Bullzip) and never had a single problem with it.
  2. Open a PDF with the lightweight, free, open source Sumatra PDF reader or any other PDF reader you like.
  3. Print the PDF
  4. Choose Bullzip as the printer to use
  5. In the Bullzip Create File dialog choose these settings
    • General tab: a file name and Format jpg (or png if you prefer)
    • Image tab: check the One Image File Per Page option (and change the resolution if you want to). Confirm to use the file numbering template when asked for.
    • Watermark tab: optionally define a watermark to add to each page.
  6. Click Save

Your images will be generated at light speed. Well, I tried once with a 1500 page document (including images, colored graphics, tables, the lot) which took about 10 minutes. AFAIC that's light speed.

Used with Folios

Folios V9 provides a method for displaying and navigating multiple page files as a single document. The above procedure provides an easy way to create the folios files.