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TNG version: 12.1.0

TNG v12.1.0 adds the capability to track atDNA test results to the DNA Tests capability added in TNG v12

DNA: Jeff Robison's and Ken Roy's Updates to DNA Test Results has been incorporated. This provides several significant enhancements to the TNG v12 DNA Test Results Thanks to the feedback and testing by Bobby Gambrill, Brent Hemphill, Daryl Brady, Jan Squire, Jim Shephard, John Jameson, Lorna Henderson, Leanne Chilver, Roger Moffat, and Tobias Kemper (listed alphabetically by first names)

  • adds some additional privacy controls
  • adds the capability to enter atDNA test results
  • adds the capability to compare atDNA test results
  • adds the capability to compate mtDNA test results
  • adds the capability to select DNA Tests by group on the Admin screen
  • restricts DNA Groups to a test type and requires that the test type selection be made when creating a DNA Group
  • adds GEDmatchID to atDNA tests
  • adds Match Date to DNA tests
  • splits the haplogroup and confirmed columns to separate Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroup and confirmed columns
    • so both can be entered on atDNA tests if provided by testing company
    • conversion of haplogroup and confirmed fields to the new ydna_haplogroup and mtdna_haplogroup and equivalent ydna_confirmed and mtdnaconfirmed is provided
  • adds autofill of Ancestral Surnames for N generations for atDNA test if Autofill Ancestral Surnames: is set to Yes
depends on Generations For Ancestral Surnames setting in Admin > Setup > General Settings > DNA Tests section
  • adds the Find Person dialog for the Most Distant Ancestor
  • adds the Find Person or Find Family dialog for the Most Recent Common Ancestor
  • fixes several issues with the Y-DNA comparison report:
    • the column headings were changed to DYSnnn instead of DYS_nnn to more closely match with Family Tree DNA reports
    • the YCAI and YCAII were combined into YCAII like it is on Family Tree DNA to handle variable number of values
    • DYS446 was added to the fast mutating array
    • DYS464 was change to be able to handle 4 to 7 (and maybe more values) by eliminating the colspan for a fixed number of values
    • templatestyle.css overrides to the overflowauto class were added for templates 1 through 7 to place the left-right scroll bar below the report
TNG version: 12.0.2

TNG v12.0.2 fixed the following issues in the DNA Tests capability added in TNG v12

  • fixes the formatting of DNA Notes and Admin Notes to honor line feeds and blank lines
  • fixes the rename of DNA Groups to update the DNA Tests table
  • fixes the word wrap in test results
  • fixes the Extra Mutation heading not displaying on public side

Admin DNA Tests

TNG v12 and v12.1 Admin enhancements include

  • Privacy Controls
  • atDNA tests addition
  • autofill of atDNA Ancestral Names

Privacy Controls

  • tests can be marked Private
this allows entering tests that you do not want to display except to users who have the Allow Private (View Private information) privilege
for example if you helped triangulate your paternal or maternal ancestor, you could mark the test taken by the person who help you triangulate your results as Private in order to protect their information

Note that the following screen captures show Private Tests as restricted to the TNG Administrator but are now restricted to the user Allow Private privilege (in other words the screen captures need to be updated) Keep test private

DNA Tests Admin list

atDNA Tests

Several new fields were added to the TNG DNA Test table to support atDNA tests.

Input atDNA Test Data

Autofill atDNA Ancestral Surnames

atDNA Ancestral Surnames will now be autofill if the autofill option is set for the number of generations specified

Autofill atDNA Ancestral Surnames

Info > DNA Tests

TNG V12 added DNA test comparisons:

  • Y-DNA comparison
  • mtDNA comparison
  • atDNA comparisons (were added in TNG v12.1

atDNA Test Comparison

When selecting atDNA tests in a search, you can now select tests to be compared

Select atDNA tests

The atDNA comparison report will be available in a future TNG version. The following screen capture shows an innermenu that allows navigation to the Y-DNA, mtDNA, and atDNA test selection.

Compare atDNA Tests

mtDNA Test Comparison

When selecting mtDNA tests in a search, you can now select tests to be compared

Select mtDNA tests

The mtDNA comparison report will be available in a future TNG version. The following screen capture shows an innermenu that allows navigation to the Y-DNA, mtDNA, and atDNA test selection.

Compare mtDNA Tests

Y-DNA Test Comparison

The Y-DNA Comparison report has been updated to use a single column for STR values so that a variable number of multiple values can be handled.

Updated Y-DNA comparison

The impact of this change is that you must now enter a dash between the values when more than one value applies to an STR string. The program no longer inserts the dashes because some STR strings contain a variable number of values. Failure to update your Y-DNA marker values will result in STRs not showing in the correct columns

Note that you can enter comma separated values using nn,nn,nn or nn, nn, nn (that is with a space after the comma for readability in the input fields. You must be consistent in the way you enter the comma separated values in order for the comparison to display accurate results.

Enter Dash in Y-DNA markers

The following STRs normally contain multiple values

  • DYS385 - normally 2 values
  • DYS459 - normally 2 values
  • DYS464 - normally 4 values but can have up to 10 values
  • CDY - normally 2 values
  • DYS395S1 - normally 2 values
  • DYS413 - normally 2 values

YCAI and YCAII are now combined as YCAII and normally contain 2 values but can have more

The easiest way is to use Notepad++ or other ASCII editor, select the tabbed section between 2 STR values, and Replace with , (comma) to create the comma separated value marker string

Replace tabs with commas Y-DNA markers

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