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TNG V11 added several data validation reports in the Admin > Miscellaneous screen

From the TNG V11 Change Log

10. Data Validation: Several preconfigured data validation reports are now available under Admin/Miscellanous.

From the TNG Blog

Data Validation: Several preconfigured validation reports will help you spot potential errors in your data.

Miscellaneous Data Validation

TNG V11 Miscellaneous Data Validation.png

Data Validation Reports

TNG V11 adds several validation reports.

TNG V11 Data Validation.png

  1. The wrong gender report will erroneously flag up the 'Father' entry in a lesbian relationship or the 'Mother' in a male gay relationship.
  2. The unknown gender report includes stillbirths where the gender was not recorded.
  3. If you enter dates as "bef x" or "aft x", be aware that TNG interprets both of these as "in x".
  4. A date entered simply as a year is interpreted as 1 Jan. In the not uncommon situation of an infant death in the same year on an unknown date it's necessary to put something like "bet 15 Jun 1892 and 31 Dec 1892".

Died Before Birth Report

TNG V11 data validation died bef birth.png