Descendant Charts

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Descendant Charts

To display the Descendant Charts from the Individual Page:

Descendant Chart selection

You can click on the Descendant tab to display a four-generation descendant text listing for the individual.

The default is 4 generations, so if you want to see more generations, you can click on the Generations Pulldown and change the number of generations you want to see.

The default Descendant display is in Text Only (site override for Text) format on the site shown.

You can click on

  • Larger View (site override for Standard) option to get the large box descendant chart. When Standard is selected, all birth and death/burial dates (when available) will be included in a hidden popup box. Click on the Down Arrow to view the popup box information.
  • Smaller View (site override for Compact) option to get the smaller box descendant chart. The Compact format is similar to Standard, but the box size is greatly reduced, and no photos are displayed.
  • Text Only (site override for Text) option to get a text-based version of the descendancy chart (no boxes or popup windows) will be shown first.
  • Register to get a Register (or narrative) Listing

The user will always have the option to switch among these display types after viewing the initial display.

Note the image shown is for a TNG 6.2 environment. TNG 7.0 adds PDF as a selection to allow the user to create a PDF file of the selected Descendant chart.

Graphical descendancy tracing

For each descendant listed on the Text or Register view, you can also click the Descendant chart icon shown after a name to view a graphical tree tracing the line down to this point.

Note that you can also click the minus sign to collapse each generation, and if collapsed you can click the plus sign to expand that generation.

Descendant Text Chart Graphical tracing.jpg