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Ambox notice.png The latest version of this mod uses the guidelines for TNG v12+ cust_text.php files. If you are using TNGv12+, and any cust_text.php file in this mod is marked with a Bad Target error, you need to update your cust_text.php files before you can install this mod. [Show instructions]

If you upgraded to TNGv12+, and did not update your cust_text.php files as instructed in the upgrade readme script, then you must use the TNG Mod Manager to update them. To do so:

  1. Go to Mod Manager, and select its "Recommended Updates" tab.
    (If the "Recommended Updates" tab is not visible, then go to the Mod Manager Options tab, select "Display Settings", and turn on the "Recommended Updates" tab.)
  2. Click the "Update" button in the "Recommended Updates" tab.
    Installed mods do not interfere with the update, and if you already have (or think you may have) run this update, it will not hurt for you to run it again.

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TNG 13.0
TNG 12.0

Each Tree Its Template
Summary Allows you to define a different template for each tree.
Mod Updated 04 Apr 2022
Download link v12.3.0.2b
TNG 12.0
TNG 13.0
TNG 13.0.1
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Author(s) Michel Kirsch
Homepage Racines luxo-hennuyeres
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer MyMail
Latest Mod v12.3.0.2b for TNG v12 & 13
Min TNG V n.c
Max TNG V v12+
Files modified
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Purpose of the Mod

If you have several trees in your database and you dream of assigning a different template to each of them, this Mod is for you.
It allows you to define a different template for each tree in your database.

Mod Developer

Author : Michel Kirsch from Charleroi-Hainaut-Belgium


Minimum a TNG v12.3.0 installation in working order. (May work with lower version of TNG...)

IMPORTANT : Before installing

Before installing, it is judicious to make a backup copy of the files that will be modified by this mod.

TNG Modules Impacted

You can click on the [Expand] link on the right to display the list of TNG Modules change and the [Collapse] link to hide this section again.

The following TNG Modules are modified, and should be backed up prior to installing this mod:



  • Unzip the received file directly in the "mods" sub directory of your TNG installation.
  • Via Mod Manager, install the Mod.


  • Uninstall and eventually Delete the current Mod.
  • Proceed as for an installation with the new Mod.
  • Your variable file is not overwritten. For some updates, it may be recommended to manually delete it before installing the new version.

Known Problems

No more known

In the event of a problem

  • Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  • Copy the backup of the affected files back to your TNG directory
  • Retry. If the problem persists, open an issue in the TNG Community Forums or on the page of Michel Kirsch. At worst, send a mail to MyMail

Historic of modifications

Version Release Date Contents
v12.3.0.2b 04 Apr 2022 Fix a PHP8+ warninh (line 65 of the cfg file) in begin.php.
v12.3.0.2a 08 mai 2021 The choosen template is now dispalayed for all the page after user's connection. Home and connection are made on pages with default template.
v12.3.0.2 20 nov 2020 No more blank screens, no more notices. The variables file /extensions/each_tree_its_template_vars.php is now useless. You can delete it.
v12.3.0.1b 29 oct 2020 For some "external" user files, an error was raised.
v12.3.0.1a 09 aug 2020 The variables file was not accessible.
v12.3.0.1 30 jul 2020 First online version.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:
If you have any problem to do it, send me a mail...

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Racines luxo-hennuyeres Michel Kirsch Mod's Developper v12.3.0.2 v13.0.3 FR/EN/NL/D/SP
Grande famille Robert Jean-Marie Robert v12.3.0.2 v13.0.3 FR/EN
Inez & Leifs familjeträd Leif Johnson v12.3.0.2 v13.0.3 SW/EN
LookingBackwards - All Our Relations Ashleigh Mitchell Public v12.3.0.2a v13.0.4 EN