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Edit Person

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When logged in with Edit rights, whether as the administrator or a user granted edit rights, click the Edit tab on Individual page or the Edit link on the Last Modified line of the Person's individual data.

Select Edit

Edit Person Dialog

which will return the Edit - Existing Person dialog Edit existing person details.jpg

where you can enter new information details. You can enter place names directly, or

Find Place

You can click the Find icon (as shown in the image above) to obtain the Find Person modal dialog where you can enter part of the place name and then click the Search button to search for the place.

Edit existing person find place.jpg

Source Citation

To enter source and citation details, click the Source button as shown in the following image

Edit Person Add Source

which will return Add Citations dialog. You will need to click the Add New button to add the first citation.

Add Citation

which returns the dialog where you enter the Source by selecting the Source name from the pull down and then add the Citation detail

Add Source and Citation

and then click the Finish button to complete the Source and Citation addition.

Finish citation.jpg

Add More, Notes

Edit Person dialog

You can click the More icon to add additional information on an event.

You can also click the Notes icon to add Notes for an event.

Don't forget to click the Save button when finish with your edits to save the updates.

Add Media

If you click the Add Media tab Edit existing person add media.jpg

it will launch the Admin >> Media >> Add New screen where you can add the media and then link it to the individual.

See Media - Add New and select Media Links in the Table of Contents.

If you add the media to an event, it will then show with that event on the Person's page, such as the the Christening event media shown in this image.
Individual with event linked media

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