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TNG V9 added the capability to specify what media to export and what media type (_TYPE) to use when exporting media from TNG.

Item 20. Export: It is now possible to indicate which media types will be exported when creating a GEDCOM from the Admin side.
Item 21. Export: Custom media types now have an "Export as" field to allow you to indicate how those types are represented in an outgoing GEDCOM (e.g., "TYPE _PHOTOS").

This capability is useful in that not all desktop genealogy programs recognize the TNG Media Collections or media types.

Export User Media Collections

You should create a backup of the Media Types (tng_mediatypes) table before updating the Export As if you ever intend to export a GEDCOM that is to be imported into TNG. Otherwise, you will need to re-update all your user media collections to restore the Export As value.

If you are creating an Export file to be imported into a desktop genealogy program, you will likely need to change the Export As for the TNG user media collection to match what your desktop program supports for media.

RootsMagic, for example, only supports media _TYPE PHOTO

Export as user collection.png

Export TNG Media Collections

Unfortunately, you cannot edit the TNG Media Collections in the Admin > Media, so you need to modify the mediatypes.php file.

Export Media For Desktop contains mods that allow changing the Export As for the TNG Media Collections for specific desktop genealogy programs.

  • The Export Media For RootsMagic mod provides the changes needed to export the TNG Media Collections as PHOTO which is the only media type recognized by RootsMagic.

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