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What is GenDex?

GenDex is a way to index your genealogical web site or database, and to add your index to a Gendex database that contains other indexes from other sites. GenDex sites then have a simple search engine whose results link back to the original sites.

GenDexes do not try to capture the breadth and depth of information about people on your site. They only index these fields:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Birth date
  • Place of birth
  • Death date
  • Place of death

Note that family relationships are not supported, so it is not possible to use GenDex, for example, to find a Gabriel Oak who was married to Bathsheba Everdene, or to use the children or parents of an person to distinguish that person from others with the same name.

Gendex files should not contain living people, and each Gendex site has its own rules for how it decides whether people in its database are considered living.

The TNG Import/Export Secondary Processes page has a button that lets you create a GenDex of your TNG database. You may generate a GenDex for one tree, or for all of your trees. See Gendex - Creating. That Secondary Processes page also lists two GenDex sites to which you may submit your GenDex file. Those two sites and their database sizes as of 23 Sep 2014 are:

At least one of those sites also offers a Gendex search tool that can be put on your site.

The TNG GenDex

The TNG Network used to support a GenDex site specifically for TNG sites, but that site has been abandoned.

GenDexes of Private Sites

Many genealogical site administrators who require logins are nonetheless willing to expose the limited data that Gendex handles.

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