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Import Data: Create GENDEX

Create GENDEX is a secondary process in Admin >> Import/Export Data.

Check that your gendex folder exists

Note that if you did not create the gendex folder as part of the TNG install using the readme.html because it was an optional folder, you will need to create the folder using your control panel File Manager or your FTP utility.

Create the file

After you have updated your database, click the Create GENDEX button to create an indexable file in GENDEX (GENealogy inDEX) format.

You determine the folder name (where the file will be stored) in the General Settings. If you selected All Trees, the name of your GENDEX file will be gendex.txt.

If you selected a tree, the name of your GENDEX file will be the TreeID (not the Tree Name), plus .txt for an extension.

Import Data Secondary Processes

Note: The TNG Network no longer accepts GENDEX files. If you wish to upload a GENDEX to the internet, you can use

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