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Construction The Geocode Function describing the new Geocode function in TNG V9 is under development Construction

TNG V9 added a new Geocode Function to Admin Places.

34 Maps: A utility now exists to automatically geocode places in a batch (Admin/Places/Geocode).


The geocode function allows you to geocode places that do not have latitude and longitude coordinates. You can change the following defaults:

  • 100 place limit
  • ignore all if multiple results are returned

Geocode Function


The geocode function results are returned with an Edit link for locations that allows you to

  • verify that the location was coded correctly or
  • manually geocode those that were not.

Note that there is no need to right click and select in open in a new window, since TNG will automatically open the Edit window in a new window or tab, which will be closed automatically when you click the Save button. If you did use the right click and selected open in a new tab, when you save it will leave a blank page tab that you will need to close.

Geocode Results

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