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After installation, what next?

The following might be used after installing TNG on your site, to determine what you need to do next. Note that if you did your own install using the TNG full install readme.html file, you will have already done some of these items.

The TNG installation notes and readme.html file walk you through creating your Admin User and Tree, but if your hosting service installed TNG for you, you may still need to set up an Admin User and a Tree.

Admin User

The first thing you should do is setup your Admin User / Website Administrator to prevent anonymous visitors from having admin authority when visiting your site. If you used the full install readme, you should have performed this step. See


In TNG, you may have more than one tree. For instance, you might keep separate trees for your ancestors and for your spouse's ancestors. To start, you need to define at least one tree, with the follow attributes:

  • TreeID
  • Tree name
  • Whether anonymous users can do GEDCOM downloads
If you check the box Don't Allow Users to download GEDCOMs, then anonymous users cannot download your GEDCOM. You can later grant this to logged in users
  • Email address -- use only if you have more than one tree, whether you are delegating administration
If you specify an email address here, this email address will be used for the Suggest changes emails.
  • Whether anonymous users can create PDFs
If you check the box Don't allow users to create PDF files, then anonymous users cannot create PDF files. You can later grant this to logged in users
TNG version: 9.0
See Setup - Tree

If you used the full install readme, you should have already created your Tree record. You may need to update its settings.

Character Set

You will need to decide whether you want to use character set

  • UTF-8 or
  • ISO-8859-* (Generally -1, but potentially -2, -3, or -4 for some European languages)

Some of the considerations are:

  • Are you using a desktop genealogy program?
    • What character encoding does it generate the gedcom in?
    • Does it provide any options for choosing character encoding in export control?
      See Desktop gotchas
  • Database collation sequence - utf8_xxxxxxxx_ci or latin1_xxxxxxxx_ci
    Hosting service are still using a default of latin1_swedish_ci when creating new database, even though the underlying database for MySQL 5 is defined as charset UTF-8 and connection as utf8_unicode_ci. The collation sequence is what determines whether your database is UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1
    See Database - Creating and Selecting your TNG Database Collation
  • TNG charset - specified in Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Language
    See Setup - Language

If you used the full install readme, you should have performed this step. However, if you had not considered the above, you may need to review whether you want to change your database collation sequence before getting too much further into the process.

General Settings

TNG provides some default settings that you may need to change

Site Design

For Site Design setup information see Setup - Site_Design where at a minimum, you need to update:

  • Genealogy URL
  • Site Name
  • Site Owner

Site Access

You will need to decide what kind of site access you want to provide:

  • completely open
  • semi-open
  • restricted access


Privacy considerations will depend on what kind of site access you will provide:

Mail and Registration

If you used the full install readme, the email address you entered for your Admin User will have been placed in this section of General Settings.

You may need to change the Send all mail from address above from No to Yes, depending on your hosting service. When someone sends you a message using TNG, the program attempts to send it as if it came from them so that you can easily reply. Some hosting providers do not allow that, however. They will refuse to send email unless the sender's email address comes from the same domain as your site. If you find that email from TNG is not being sent, your host may be doing this to you. If that is the case, you need to change the Send all mail from address above option to Yes

Template Settings

TNG provides the capability to select a template by using the Enable Template Selection and selecting a Template Number. To do this:

  • change the Enable Template Selection from No to Yes
  • select the template number in the Admin >> Setup >> Template Settings that matches the template you want to use.

If you used the full install readme, you should have performed this step.

See Templates - Getting Started for considerations in choosing a template.

Import Settings

  • GEDCOM Folder (Import/Export)
defaults to gedcom - you may want to rename it and create a new folder. If you do not change the folder name, it will be easier for outsiders who know something about TNG to look into your folder to see private data.
  • Default Replace Option
defaults to Matching Records only - you may want to use All Current Data if you are replacing all your data with a gedcom import (note that this does not necessarily replace geocoded places nor media)
  • Local paths for media collections