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Caution While the Google Maps - Adjust Map Height Mod mod installs and works in TNG V10, it might be obsolete based on the collapsible functionality included in TNG V10. See Collapsible Items Caution

Adjust Map Height Mod
Summary This mod adjusts the google map height depending on the number of events.
Mod Updated 2 Feb 2012
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TNG 9.0
TNG 8.0
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Author(s) Phillip Olsson
Config File for TNG V8 and V9 was created by Bryan S. Larson
Homepage Adjust Map Height Mod (This page)
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer Bryan S. Larson
Latest Mod for TNG V9
8.1.1 for TNG V8
Min TNG V 8.0.0
Max TNG V 9.2.2
Files modified
Related Mods
Scroll Map events provides an alternative behavior

Purpose of the Mod

The purpose of this mod is to increase the height of the Google map to that of the list of events.


This mod uses the number of pins in the Google map multiplied with a predefined value to calculate the height of the map. This number is currently 48, which is about 3 lines of text plus some padding around the event text.

Things that makes the Google map too small

  • If your event have more the three lines of text due to long place names then the number 48 is too small and will the create a map which is too small.
  • Notes and or events with long descriptions. Try to add the description text as a note instead.
  • If you are using the Consolidate Duplicate Pins the Google map will automatically be shorter since the number of pins are fewer than the number of events in the list to the right of the map.
  • Your browser window is too small. The events list on the right side of the Google map becomes squished and much higher then normal if your browser window is too small.

The Scroll Map events provides an alternative behavior to this mod, by creating a scroll bar for large number of events.


  • The Google Maps - Adjust Map Height Mod functionality was originally developed by Phillip Olsson.
  • The Mod Manager configuration file was created by Bryan S. Larson.
  • This mod is currently maintained by Bryan S. Larson.


This mod expands Google maps to fill in blank space left when an individual has a large number of events.

Revision History

Version Date Changes 2 Feb 2012 Code identical to v8.1.1; new version for TNG V9 naming standards
8.1.1 19 Jun 2010 Added the ability to adjust the height parameter on the edit page for the Adjust Map Height Mod
8.1.0 9 Jun 2010 First release



  • A working TNG installation.
  • A backup of your TNG getperson.php file.

Automated Installation

  • Download the .zip file above.
  • After downloading the files, unzip the files.
  • Copy configuration file to your mod directory then follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager mods.


  • Uninstall the previous version of the Adjust Map Height Mod.
  • Install the new version by following the instructions above (Automated Installation)

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Our Family Histories Bryan S. Larson Developer n/a 12.0.3 EN
Philips Space ... ... ... ... ...
my family Oname.gif (no public site) see User:ojay see User:ojay D,(NL),(GB)
Our Roy and Boucher Family Ken Roy 9.0.3 EN, FR
Mueller-Diefenbach Families Bob Mueller 9.2.0 EN, DE
... ... ... ... ... ...