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How do I make an image background transparent?

The following web site provides instructions on how to do this in

Using Photoshop

The following instructions were provided by Bruce Roy on the TNG Community Forum

  • select the background of the image
  • Under Select choose Inverse
  • Copy
  • Open New and, in the dialogue box, make sure background is set to Transparent
  • Paste
  • Save as png or gif

Photoshop also provides a Help > Export Transparent Image according to Steve Voght.

Photoshop CS does not have the Help > Export Transparent Image according to Roger Moffat, but you can use the

  • You can use the File ------> Save for Web & Devices... menu
  • With either of GIF or PNG-8 selected as the export file type, you get a palette of colours that are in the image.
  • click the one you want to be transparent (white is at the bottom right),
  • and then click the left most icon in the row of icons below the palette to make that colour transparent in the image before saving it.

Using IrfanView

The following instructions for using IrfanView were developed based on the following CNET forum entry

  • Open the image in IrfanView
  • Select Save As
  • Choose GIF for the Save As Type
  • In the Save As options, check the box for Save Transparent Color
  • Click the radio button to Choose Transparent Color during Save
  • Click the Save button
  • Click on the background color