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The TNG Wiki Contents page describes the quick links which are anchored in the left nav area on each page, and shows information helpful in creating new articles.


You must register for a user account before you can contribute to the TNG Wiki. Registration requires that you provide your real name and TNG website address.

TNG Glossary

The TNG Glossary provides an explanation of terms used in TNG with links to more detailed pages.

Using TNG Wiki

The TNG Wiki is currently structured into the following TNG Guides, anchored in the left sidebar:

  • Getting Started provides information on how to customize your site and create user pages
  • Guest Visitors provides information for how visitors might navigate your site
  • Registered Users provides information on how to use the capabilities of TNG as a Registered User or Administrator
  • Administrator provides information for the administator of a TNG web site (aka TNG Admin)
  • Programmer provides information to help understand how TNG works, and for programmers making changes to TNG.

The following entries under Items of Interest in the left sidebar are items of special interest which are also part of the other guides:

  • Reports provides a list of some TNG reports
  • Modifications provides a list of user modifications and add-ons to TNG.


The TNG Wiki uses the MediaWiki CategoryTree extension, which provides an alternate view of the articles grouped in Categories as shown in the left panel. If you click on the Right-arrow.png and it will expand to show the list of articles grouped under that category. If you click on the Down-arrow.png it will contract the list.

See TNG_Wiki_organization for how the articles are organized in the TNG Wiki.

Creating TNG Wiki articles

The following provides some of the information helpful to creating new articles:

replace the Using Edit Toolbar added --Ken Roy 12:47, 30 September 2009 (UTC)
replaces How to create tables in an article See also Text Formatting Rules for Wiki Tables

Language Switching

See Making pages switch languages for how to create pages that will switch languages based on the user's choice of language from the LanguageSelector pull down at the bottom of the Toolbox.

Editing Pages

Any registered user can add and edit pages. The site is a living document and, given time, will become a comprehensive and valuable free handbook that keeps pace with TNG developments. Its value depends upon many of us contributing in a cooperative endeavour.

At times it may contain broken links and outdated information, in which case every person who has a login for this wiki can act as editor and make corrections. If you need to contact a contributor:

  • View the History tab for the page concerned, as this reveals the login usernames of the persons who edited the page. You can generally get an idea of the person to contact just by looking at the list, and you can examine page history differences if deeper research is needed.
  • Leave a message (edit) on the Talk page of the relevant username, and this will trigger an email to the person concerned (provided that person has enabled emails to be sent when their user talk page has been changed - this setting is highly likely, so it's worth a try).
public domain
Important note: When you edit this or any other page, you agree to release your contribution into the public domain. If you don't want this or can't do this because of license restrictions, please don't submit articles or edit.