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  • There are many other items that may be added to this list

Category Titles

  • If your article needs to be assigned to an indexed category see sidebar here is a listing of the syntax you can copy/paste to the end of your article for it to display in that index/table of contents.
  • Copy/paste just the black text ... not the green

TNG Guides

[[Category:Getting_Started]] = TNG Getting Started Guide
[[Category:Administrator]] = TNG Admin Guide
[[Category:Programmer]] = TNG Programmer's Guide
[[Category:Registered_Users]] = TNG User Guide
[[Category:Visitors]] = TNG Visitor's Guide
[[Category:Reports]] = TNG Reports
[[Category:Modifications]] = TNG modifications
[[Category:Wanted]] = Miscellaneous

Other Categories

[[Category:Hardware]] = Hardware
[[Category:Software]] = Software
[[Category:Web_Services]] = Web Services
[[Category:Tutorials]] = Tutorials
[[Category:Tips_and_Tricks]] = Tips and Tricks

CategoryTree subcategories

The following categories were setup to take advantage of the CategoryTree Extension which creates subcategories with expandable and contractible lists in the TNG Guides as well as display the articles under categories in the sidebar, which might provide an easier way to find some of the information.

[[Category:Manual]] = CategoryTree categories in Sidebar
[[Category:Media]] = Media subcategory in TNG Admin Guide and in Sidebar
[[Category:Setup]] = Setup subcategory in TNG Admin Guide and in Sidebar
[[Category:Templates]] = Templates subcategory in TNG Admin Guide and in Sidebar
[[Category:GoogleMaps]] = GoogleMaps subcategory in TNG Admin Guide and in Sidebar
[[Category:Charset]] = Charset subcategory in TNG Admin Guide and in Sidebar
[[Category:Understanding TNG]] = Understanding subcategory in TNG Programming Guide and in Sidebar
[[Category:TNG Wiki How To]] = TNG Wiki How To subcategory in miscellaneous and in Sidebar

Page Titles

The name you assign to a page becomes its page title or header. The section on header formatting was removed. --Ken Roy 20:33, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

Common edits

  • Just copy and past the text into your article and replace Your Text here
Note: do not switch to edit mode before copying the text because there is extra wiki code embedded to force it to display properly in article view

Tables and media

You can use the Edit Toolbar buttons to create the tables and insert images.

Insert a "zoom-able" image table

|[[image: xxxxxxxxxx.jpg|thumb|200px|[[Media: xxxxxxxxxx.jpg|Insert Description]]]]

Table of Contents

align right

You can use the RightTOC button on the Edit Toolbar to right-align the Table of Contents.

  • In order to "align" your table on the right hand side of the page ... use the following code


no table of contents

  • If you don't want any table of contents use __NOTOC__ at the beginning of your article


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