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To add Histories, you must

  • first go to Admin >> Media
  • then select the Histories Collection

Note that you can also use a user added collection that is set to behave like Histories

There are several ways you can add a Histories media record

  • Body Text
  • External Link
  • Separate File
  • Media Image

Use Body Text

Use Body Text

You can enter your histories text directly in the Body Text section of the Media record

You can also select to Convert line breaks to HTML, that is to force blank lines where entered in the text as a carriage return (Enter key)

You can copy and paste a document that is already formatted - a word processor or a html formatted document (the portion inside the body tags of a html file). (You should not have to click Convert line breaks.) The advantage of this method is that you can see what a file looks like before you paste it into Body text and, if it is a large file, easier to amend or update (and re-paste). But see below about importing documents or creating a php file. The advantage of using this (Body text) method is that the text is immediately available to the viewer whereas the other methods require them to open a file separately.

If you want images in your document (whether typed or pasted in) you will need to upload these separately. The link to these should not be relative (../image.jpg), but defined from your site root - something like /histories/image.jpg depending on where you have put your TNG files and the images. You may want to learn how to create a small space around your image and how to align it so that text flows around it. An example is (placed between < and > brackets): img src="/genealogy/histories/image.gif" hspace="3" align="left" alt="Image 2007"

Use External Link

Use an External Link

You can use an external link to link an existing history to your web site by checking the box in front of This Media comes from an External source.

Note that you will need to create your own thumbnail, if you want one displayed.

Use php file created using the historytemplate.php

Use a php file

You can create your own php pages using the historytemplate.php See Using History Template for Extra Pages in the TNG Community Forums which provides a Word Document that describes Dave Freeman's process used to create user pages

Select your php file

Use the Browse button in the Media File section to then select your user created php file.

Use image

Use an image

You can also use an image for the history. When using an image, you can also use the image map capabiity to generate the tooltip and link to getperson.

The Tooltip Mod shows a modification to TNG that allows use of the Dynamic Drive Cool Tooltip javascript for displaying the tooltip.

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