Importing Shared Events

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TNG V11 added the cloning of shared events on an import.

From the TNG V11 Change Log

32. Import: It is now possible import "shared events" (which are then distributed as regular events).

"Shared events" as they are known in RootsMagic (RM) or Legacy are not really being supported in TNG, other than they should get imported. And by that I mean that they will be converted to regular events. So if one person has a shared event and that event is linked to 5 other people, in the end you will just have 6 people with 6 cloned events.

The same thing is true from the manual data entry side. If you create a custom event, you can link it to several others. That will cause a copy of that event to be created for each linked person, and at that point the "clones" will no longer have any ties to the original event[1].

RootsMagic Events

Note that Shared Census Event appears as a duplicate event in RootsMagic. Since the export will include two 1920 US Census events the resulting import will show 2 events as well.

TNG v11 RM shared event.png

Individual Page Events

Import custom shared events creates a new entry for each person that shares the event

TNG v11 import shared events.png

TNG v11 RM shared event spouse.png

Note that the 1920 US Census shows twice in the above because a 1920 Census event already existed for the person.

  1. Information provided by Darrin