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How to use the Google Map displayed on the Individual Page

Google Event Map

You can click on the Event Number pin to open the map in a new window. If you are using FireFox, you can right click and open in a new tab rather than a new window. On the map in the separate window, you can get driving directions to or from this location.

You can click on the Google Earth icon to view using the Google Earth desktop application once you have downloaded and installed the application on your desktop.

You can use the + (plus) to zoom in on the map and the - (minus) to zoom out, or you can use the slider to control the zoom. If the Google Map server returns a message that no map is available at that zoom level, then you must zoom out in order to get the map to display.

You can also click the Hybrid button to view the map as a satellite picture with names.

You can click the pin number on the map to get the description, date, and location of the event.

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