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In TNGv14, this mod has been absorbed into Mod Settings Blocks. This article is still the best documentation of the Inner Mod Menus feature.

Mods Settings Blocks now has a mod setting (in a Mod Settings Block, of course) that can disable Inner Mod Menus, which are enabled by default.

Inner Mod Menus
Summary Provides PHP function libraries that display "Inner Mod Menus" and "New Tab Flags" that have been specified by other mods.
Mod Updated 15 Dec 2022
Download link (Retired in TNGv14)
TNG 14.0
TNG 13.0
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Author(s) Robin Richmond
Homepage This page
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Latest Mod
Min TNG V 12.0
Max TNG V 13.0.3
Files modified
genlib.php, genstyle.css, English, French, Norwegian cust_text.php; Installs rrinnermodmenu_lib.php, rrinnermodmenu_newtabs.php, rrinnermodmenu_wiki.gif
Related Mods
Many - see Related Mods
In TNGv12, the installed filenames are slightly different.

Purpose of the Mod

To enable the display of

  1. "Inner Mod Menus", which provides handy information about what a mod does to a particular program and handy access to the mod's options, and
  2. "New Tab Flags", which make it easy to see when new tab-menu tabs have been added by a mod, and to identify the mod that installed them.

that have been specified by other mods. It is not required by those other mods, however. If it is not installed, the menus and flags specified by the other mods are simply not visible.

Inner Mod Menus

An "Inner Mod Menu" is a drop-down menu that mods add to programs that they change in some arbitrarily "significant" way. The idea is to provide handy links to information about the mod and to the mod's options.

Here is an example of an Inner Mod Menu for a TNG page that is affected by three different mods, one of which has mod options in a Mod Settings Block. Inner Mod Menus drop down from the label "Mod Information" at the right end of the standard TNG "Inner Menu", which is the light-on-dark link menu immediately below the standard Tab Menu.
Show inner mod menus.jpg

Significantly, Inner Mod Menus are visible only to TNG Administrators, even when they appear in end-user programs.

For each mod in an Inner Mod Menu, the menu can link to

  1. The mod's Wiki article,
  2. The section of the Wiki article that describes mod options,
  3. The mod's options, if the options are defined in a Mod Settings Block
  4. A popup that succinctly describes what the mod has changed in the program.

All but the first of these possible menu items are optional; the second and third only exist if the mod has options, and the fourth exists only if the mod programmer has created such a description.

The term "Inner Mod Menu" is defined at two levels,

  • Mods are said to define an Inner Mod Menu when they call an Inner Mod Menu library function to specify any of the four Inner Mod Menu links listed above.
  • If more than one mod defines an Inner Mod Menu in same page, all of those Inner Mod Menus will be presented in a multi-mod Inner Mod Menu on that page, as illustrated above

Long Inner Mod Menus

The Person Profile is modified by at least ten of the mods in my Regroup Person family of mods, and at least eight of them create Inner Mod Menus. That makes the Inner Mod Menu very long and hard to read. Consequently, mods define their Inner Mod Menus as "primary" or "secondary", and, when the program's Inner Mod Menu is first displayed, only the "primary" mods are listed, along with a link to "more mods", like this: [Show the Screenshot].

Inner mod menus-person profile.jpg

[Hide Screenshot]

New Tab Flags

New Tab Flags do just what the name implies - they highlight the fact that a new tab has been created by a mod, and allow the user to see which mod installed the new tab. The flag is an asterisk, and the mod name is displayed when the user hovers over the asterisk, like this:
Show inner mod menu-newtab1.jpg

Mod Settings Blocks

The most important feature of Inner Mod Menus may be their ability to pop up a window containing a mod's settings to edit mod settings, thus giving site administrators the ability to change settings while the affected TNG program is still visible on the screen. After changing options, the administrator does not have to close the settings window, and can just refresh the TNG page to see how the new mod settings affect the page. Importantly, this can only be done with settings that are defined in "Mod Settings Blocks", which are enabled by the Mod Settings Block mod.

Mod Settings Blocks are more flexible and powerful than classic Mod Manager parameters. This screenshot illustrates a fairly typical Mod Settings Block that has been opened by itself, perhaps from an Inner Mod Menu link.

Admin cemeteries search-after-modsettingsblock.jpg

Mod Options



No known conflicts. Before Inner Mod Menus v13.0.0.2c, this mod was incompatible with Public Access Control.

Related Mods

Mod Settings Blocks is something of a sibling to Inner Mod Menus. Mod Settings Blocks define mod settings in a more robust and flexible way than standard Mod Manager parameters, and Inner Mod Menus supply handy links from TNG programs to the mod settings that affect program behavior.

More than 30 mods generate Inner Mod Menus in one or more of the pages that they modify. Again, the Inner Mod Menus mod is never required; if you do not install it, you simply will not be able to see any Inner Mod Menus or New Tab Flags. Here is a sample of mods that define Inner Mod Menus:

Mod(s) Page(s)
Admin Branches admin_branches.php & admin_editbranches.php
Admin Branches Queue admin_editbranches.php
Admin Cemeteries Search admin_cemeteries.php
Admin Cemetery Edit admin_editcemeteries.php
Admin Languages admin_languages.php
Admin Media Search & Admin Media Predefined Search admin_media.php
Admin Media Edit admin_editmedia.php
Admin Places Search admin_places.php
Admin Places Geocode admin_geocodeform.php
Cemetery Burials Table & Cemetery Map and Images showmap.php
Cemetery Headstones headstones.php & showmap.php
New Account Validation newacctform.php
Placesearch-More Info placesearch.php
Regroup Person Profile, Regroup Person-Date Place
and upwards of 8 other Regroup Person* mods


Files Installed

  • rrinnermodmenus_lib.php - The library that implements Inner Mod Menus
  • rrinnermodmenus_newtab.php - The library that implements flags in new tab menu tabs.
  • rrinnermodmenus_wiki.gif - A stylized "W" icon that is used in Inner Mod Menus as a link to a mod's Wiki article.

Template:RobinBoilerplate text=installation


A New Tab Flag

This screenshot is from admin_places.php, where two tabs are flagged with New Tab Flags the reveal that that the tabs were created by the Placename Format mod. Note that the Inner Mod Menu in this screenshot does not mention the Placename Format mod, because Placename Format didn't modify admin_places.php in a sufficiently significant way. All Placename Format did to admin_places.php was to add the new tabs.
Show inner mod menu-newtab3.jpg

This screenshot illustrates the Inner Mod Menu in the page that is launched from the "Name Options" tab in the previous screen clip. Here, the Placename Format mod is definitely significant, since it created the Name Options page. Thus, Placename Format has defined an Inner Mod Menu in this page. However, Placename Format does not define any mod options for the Name Options page, so the only links you see here are the always-present link to the Wiki article and a link that pops up information about what the mod has changed. (And since Placename Format installed this page, the "What has changed" link describes the entire page.
Inner mod menus-name options.jpg

Revision History

Mod Version TNG Version Date Note
v13.0.0.2c 13 27Apr2021 Resolved a conflict with Public Access Control
v13.0.0.2b 13.0 26Sep2020 The "more" and "fewer" strings added in v13.0.0.2 were omitted from the English translations.
  1. Typos in the .cfg file.
v13.0.0.2 13.0 15Aug2020 Secondary mods are initially hidden from the Inner Mod Menu if the total number of mods is greater than 5.
v12.0.0.2 12.0-12.3 1Jun2020
  • Added a function argument to designate a mod as "secondary", meaning that it doesn't make less significant changes to the mod. The intent (not yet implemented) is to make long consolidated Inner Mod Menus shorter - specifically in the Person Profile, where the Inner Mod Menu currently lists eight mods.
  • Added Norwegian and French translations
v12.0.0.1 12.0-12.3 14Apr2020 Initial release.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod Version TNG Version User language
Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database Robin Richmond Mod developer 13.0.3 English
The Cole / Tanner Family Tree David Cole Public/Private see here see here EN, DE, FR, ES, NL
Racine d'Alsace J-Louis Valory Public (registration) 13.0.4 FR
Bstiaanssen Genealogy Jan Bastiaanssen Public / Private 13.1.2 NL, EN, ES
R G Strong Family Genealogy Russell Strong Public 13.1.0 EN, FR, DE, NL
Huygens - Van de Moortel Tom Huygens Public/Private on WordPress 13.1.2 NL
Your Roots are Showing Harold Craswell Public/Private See Here See Here EN
Daniel Bender - Generations Allison Sibert Public/ Living Private 13.1.2 EN