Installing TNG V7 as UTF-8

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This article provides a brief visual synopsis of how to install TNG as UTF-8.

Not all steps in the installation process are necessarily covered, but those portions required to run your TNG site with UTF-8 encoding are signaled out so that you can successfully setup your TNG Site as a UTF-8 site.

UTF-8 is required by Joomla 1.5 and will be required by the TNG Component that integrates Joomla and TNG 7.

You should read the Database - Creating article on how to create your database with UTF-8 collation sequence and how to determine your TNG database connection parameters.

TNG Readme Note

Note that if you use the TNG Express Install, you will not get the following Note on setting the character set by editing the config.php before the Establish database connection step file, so you may want to use the Regular Installation.

Currently, TNG does not provide the option for setting the TNG character set during a full TNG install.

However, within the TNG readme.html file, there is a Note which indicates that if you want to use UTF-8, you should manually edit the TNG config.php file and change the $charset to UTF-8.

TNG UTF-8 install using readme.jpg

Update config.php

The image on the right shows what parameter needs to be changed within the config.php file.

If you don't edit your TNG config.php before you initially access the TNG Admin menu, you can make the changes later, but it will be more difficult.

TNG UTF-8 install edit config.jpg

Database Password

The image on the right shows that the Database Connection password is required if you plan to use the CMS Genealogy TNG Component for Joomla.

The database connection password is a Joomla requirement. See how to change the root password in a WampServer testing environment.

TNG UTF-8 install database.jpg

Database Connection Verified

Once you provide the TNG database connection parameters and click the Save and Verify button, TNG should return the Informaton saved, connection verified message, indicating that the configuration was updated and the connection to the database was made successfully, as shown in the image on the right.

TNG UTF-8 install database connection verified.jpg

Create Database Tables

When you click the Save and Create button, if the tables were created successfully in the TNG database, you should get the The Tables have been created! message, as shown in the image on the right.

Note that you should not have to change the table names.

TNG UTF-8 install database tables created.jpg

Update TNG Settings

The Root Path value should be correct the first time you open your Admin >> Setup >> General Settings.

Note that if you clear the Root Path field, TNG will fill it with the correct value on a Save.

You need to update certain TNG Settings when you have completed the install.

See Setup_-_Site_Design for additional information specific to your web site.

See Setup_-_Language for additional information on adding new languages and setting the appropriate character set for browser display of your information.

TNG install general settings.jpg

Add Admin User

You must define your TNG Admin User as part of the TNG install.

Failure to define an Admin User, leaves your site wide open for others to be able to change admin settings in your site.

TNG install Admin User.jpg
The TNG Add User screen will have the correct options set for the System Admin user, when you create the first user as shown on the right.

Note that you should not assign a Tree to the Admin User so the user can administer all trees.

TNG install add Admin User.jpg

Add Tree

You must define a Tree before you can start using your TNG site for data entry or before you import a gedcom file.

TNG install setup Tree.jpg

If you want to prevent anonymous visitors to your site from downloading your gedcom, you need to check the box before the Don't allow users to download GEDCOM files option in the TNG Tree record.

You will be able to override the gedcom download option when you approved or edit a User record.

See Setup_-_Tree for additional information.

TNG install add Tree.jpg

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