Male Female and Parent Lines

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Male Female and Parent Lines
Summary shows male and female descendants lines, as well parental ancestor lines.
Mod Updated 18 Feb 2023
Download link v11.0.1.9a
TNG 13.0
TNG 14.0

TNG 11.0
TNG 12.0

TNG 12.0
TNG 13.0

TNG 11.0

TNG 10.0
TNG 9.1
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Author(s) Ian Fettes (Founder), Graham Chamberlain
Homepage Male Female and Parent Lines (This page)
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Latest Mod for TNG v11.1+ for TNG 11+
v9.2.2 for TNG v9.2 - TNG 10.0.3
Min TNG V 9.1
Max TNG V 13+
Files modified

  • verticalchart.php
  • pedigree.php
  • pedigreetext.php
  • ahnentafel.php
  • extrastree.php
  • descendtext.php
  • tngdblib.php
  • lines.php (created)
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Might be useful in conjunction with the TNG and DNA Tests capability of TNG V11

Purpose of the mod

This mod adds

  • a link to the text list of descendants called "All descendants"
  • a link to the ancestors Tab called "Parent Lines"
  • links to the descendants Tab called "Male Lines", "Female Lines" and (optionally) "Notable People".
  • Parent Lines showing male and female ancestor lines
  • Male Lines showing all male to male descendants
  • Female Lines showing female to female descendants
  • [optionally] Notable People shows a list of descendants marked as notable (generation numbers show how they are linked to the subject person)

Links to all the ancestors or descendants are included


This mod was developed by Ian Fettes.

Revision History

Mod Version Date Contents 18 Feb 2023 Update location to complies with TNG14+ - MichelK 18 Oct 2022 Update to fix issue with PHP 8 20 Jun 2018 Update to correct error in new file generated by the mod (lines.php) Thanks to Ken Roy for identifying the error ???? Update for TNG v11
9.2.2 ??? Initial version by Ian Fetes


  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release was tested at TNG Version 10.0.1.
  • A backup of your current version of the php fiesl to be modified (see list on the right - click 'expand').
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager

The Male Lines and Female Lines tabs are only added to Text descendant chart

So you may want to go Administration: Setup >> Configuration >> Chart Settings >> Descendancy Chart - Initial Display: should be set to "Text Only"

TNG version: 10.0.3
TNG version: 9.2.2

The Notable Descendants option is only available from versions of the mod TO v9.2.2 and FROM 10.0.3.

To be able to see "Notable people" it is necessary to create a custom event type called IMPO.

Administration: Custom Event Types >> Add New Event Type
  1. Associated with: Individual
  2. Select Tag: EVEN - Event
  3. Type/Description: IMPO
  4. Display: needs something, but whatever you wish, e.g. 'Notable' or 'Of interest because ...' are both fine.

All other fields can hold whatever you wish. If you are not going to use the event to hold any information and enter data direct into TNG then setting

  1. Event Data: ignore

makes sense. However, you may wish to add information making it clear why the person was notable. If you import data in a GEDCOM then the IMPO events need to be imported, which will only happen if you have

  1. Event Data: accept

at the time of import. You could change to accept before import, and to ignore after, but entering the reason the person was notable may be more convenient.

Important: When adding an IMPO event to a "Notable" Individual, the IMPO event needs to have something entered into the 'Detail' field - if you're not going to display the event a single character will do.


  1. Download the appropriate zip file as shown in the summary in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Extract the file from the downloaded zip file into the mods folder or FTP the extracted file to your mods folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the mod.

In the event of a problem

  • Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  • Or copy your backup of genlib.php back to your TNG install directory

Visualization of this mod

Male descendants


Female descendants


Parental Lines


Notable descendants

TNG version: 10.0.3
TNG version: 9.2.2

The Notable Descendants options was removed from the v11.0.0.2 version of the mod and re-added in Version removes possible mod sequence conflict with Table Of Descendants mod.


TNG User sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Families all over the World Hans Weebers 13.1.2 En/others
Leo's Genealogics Website Leo van de Pas 13.0.2 EN/others
Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy Graham Chamberlain 12.0.1 EN, FR, DE, ES, NL
Racine d'Alsace J-Louis Valory Public (registration) 14.0.1 FR