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The purpose of this page is to provide information on how you might use the Mod Manager to manage your TNG configuration file changes.

Manage your TNG configuration

You can also use the Mod Manager to manage your TNG configuration changes by creating config files for the various TNG configuration files for the values that you change from the distributed values. For example the following config file represents the one I created for my overrides to the logconfig.php file

This is a TNG mod directive file
%name:Log Config Changes%
%description:This mod is for tracking changes I make to the Log Config defaults.<br /><br />Mod 
developer is Ken Roy. Personal mod that is not distributed.%

Note that 
     For test domain the target path is ../../../private/test/config/
     For prod domain the target path is ../../../private/www/config/

// Increase number of lines to 1000
$maxloglines = "200";
$maxloglines = "1000";

// Increase number of lines to 2000 for Admin log to track changes by Mods Manager
$adminmaxloglines = "200";
$adminmaxloglines = "2000";

The Note shown above is essentially a comment since the Mod Manager ignores information in between the % keywords. Since my TNG config files are moved to a directory that is not web accessible, the note indicates how I need to modify the config file so it will work on my test and production (www) domain on ICDSoft.

Download Example

You can download the $ which is the configuration file I used to install the above changes to the TNG Log Settins using a Mod Manager config file.

You can download it and then extract the contents in your admin/mod_folder and install it using the same steps as the Mod Manager - Installing Config Files.

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