Managing Stylesheet Overrides

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The purpose of this page is to provide information on how you might create a config file to manage your style sheet overrides.

Manage your style sheet overrides

You can also use the Mod Manager to manage your template overrides in mytngstyle.css The following is an example of the config file that can be created to override the template colors. Note that not all overrides needed are shown.

%name:Mytngstyle for Template 4%
%description:This configuration file is an example of changing the Red color to Blue in Template 4 as 
well as some other style definitions provided by Ken Roy%

/*your custom style goes in this file*/
/*if you're overriding style blocks from genstyle.css, you only need to include the attributes you're 
overriding, not the whole block*/
/* TNG Overrides to styles to change color from Red (#990000) to Blue (#000099) in Template 4 */

/* header: heading text -color changed from #990000 */
.header {
	color: #000099;

/*   background-color changed from #990000; */
.fieldnameback {
	background-color: #000099;

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