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This is one of several ways to load new media files to TNG. (See Getting Media into TNG) This technique is available only to administrators, and is appropriate when you want to add a single media file. Non-administrators can add a single media file from the Person or Family screen, as described at Add New Media - Linked to Person or Family.

This example uses the non-standard "Military Ribbon" collection, but it applies to any media collection. See a description of how to add collections to your site at Media - Collections.

First, Upload the Media File

You must upload your media file to the appropriate collection folder. (See Media - Collections). You may use FTP, or a file manager utility such as the one available through cPanel, which is a server administration application available on many websites.

Open the Media - Add New Screen

Go to Administration / Media / Add New to upload your file

1 - Upload your media file to your hosting site

2 - Select Administration from Info pull down menu

3 - Select Media from left nav area

Media File

Select Add New tab

Select the Add New tab

Select Collection

Add Military Ribbon

In the above example, Military Ribbons is selected in the collection pull down

Select Image File

Click the Select button and select the Image File from the returned list

Select Media File

which will return the selected file

Selected File

Create Thumbnail

Create Thumbnail

Set Create thumbnail

Note that my site is setup to use a thumbs subfolder based on specifying the Thumbnail Prefix as thumbs/

Media Information

Add Title

Define Title

Add the Title to be shown on the page when the media is displayed and in the list when viewing media collections

Add Description

Add Description

Add the Description to be shown on the page when the media is displayed and in the list when viewing media collections

Add Owner/Source

Add Owner

Add the Owner of the media.

Always Viewable

Note that if you click the Always Viewable box, the picture will display even though it is linked to a living person. So if you are protecting the privacy of living relatives, you may want to leave this box unchecked.

Open in new window

The Open in new window box when checked will open the image display in a separate window. This option might be useful if the media is on an external web site.

Save and Continue

Save and Continue

Save the media record and continue to the next section to add the links and image map.

Media Links

Note that you can click on the pull down arrow under the Link Type heading and link the media to Person, Family, Source, Repository, or Place.

Find person for link

Find Person


Search Dialog

Add link

Add new link

Note that this modal dialog stays open so you can add more links, so you have to click the X in the upper right corner to close the modal dialog

Close Add Link modal dialog

Link Added

Note that the added Person Link is shown at the bottom behind the Add Link dialog box, so once you have added all the links, you need to click on the X in the upper right corner of the Add Link dialog window to close it.

With TNG 7.0.1, the Add also changes to an edit icon indicating the person has been added.

Edit Link

Edit Link

Note that once the Person (or Family) Link has been added, you need to edit the link in order to associate it to an event.

With TNG 7.0.1, the link to an event can also be added in the Add Person modal dialog by clicking on the edit icon after the person has been added.

Link to Event

Link to an Event

On the Edit Media Link modal dialog, you then need to click the pulldown on the right to select the event to which you want to link this media record.

Image Map

Expand Image Map section

Adding an image map is optional when adding a media record.

To Add an Image Map click on the right-arrow to expand the Image Map section.

Update Area Map section

However, for the Military Ribbons media record it must contain the <area> generated code from the UltimateRack. To use the Cool Dynamic Tooltip script rather
than the script from the ultimate rack make the modifications shown in Media Types - Military Ribbons.

Resultant Ribbon Popup

The following image shows the resultant ribbon popup when mousing over the World War II Victory ribbon.

Save record

Save Media Record

When you are done with your updates, Save the media record.

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Image Maps

TNG version: 12.3.0
TNG version: 7.0

Information on Image Maps apply to TNG versions prior to TNG 13

Image Tags

TNG version: 13.0.0

Information on Image Tags apply to TNG v13 and later

Other Useful Articles

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Media Types - Military Ribbons for information on creating a Military Ribbons media type

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