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Media Icons Mod
Summary Makes TNG media icons link to the collection listing
Validation n/a
Mod Updated see Revision History
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Author(s) Rick Bisbee
Homepage Media_Icons_Mod (This page)
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Contact Developer As above
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Min TNG V 9.1.0
Max TNG V 13.0.3
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This is a simple companion to the Showfolio Mod, but can be used independently as well. It replaces earlier versions published as Folios V9 Media icons Mod.

TNG displays native documents with a collection-specific icon in the document header. The icon is "dead" in the sense that hovering or clicking it does nothing.


When mod Showfolio displays a folio page, the title icon is "active" -- clicking on it will display a listing of all documents in the current collection.


This mod makes TNG document icons behave just like folio pages -- when hovered it raises a tooltip, and when clicked it displays a listing of all media in the current collection.



Media Icons Mod Tested With TNG Versions
Ver 910 922 10 All 11 All 12 All

*green: compatible   red: not compatible   white: not tested

See Multisite Testbed for information on how this mod is tested and managed.

Revision History

Version Date Released What's New
15 Oct 2018
  • Corrects TNGWiki link
22 Mar 2016
  • Republished