Merging Custom Events

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Go to MySQL to the table eventtypes, click on browse and write down the numbers of the eventtypes wich are double and decide which one you want to keep. (I mean the number)alternatively print the page with the eventtypes.

or run the report Report:_List_eventypes

UPDATE `tng_events` SET `eventtypeID` ="81" WHERE `eventtypeID`="257";
DELETE FROM `tng_eventtypes` WHERE `eventtypeID`="257";

Where 81 is the one you want to keep and 257 the one you want to delete (obviously)

In case you want to renumber them too and make the 81 into 257 again, run the following.

UPDATE `tng_events` SET `eventtypeID` ="257" WHERE `eventtypeID`="81";
UPDATE `tng_eventtypes` SET `eventtypeID` ="257" WHERE `eventtypeID`="81";