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The following procedure uses the County Outlines Mod to illustrate the steps for installing and then editing an optional parameter in config files created for TNG modifications maintained by the Mod Manager.

In general, the automated installs of TNG modifications will include the following steps:

  1. You must have an installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  2. Download the appropriate config file
  3. Extract the zip file in your TNG admin/mod_folder
  4. Remove previously installed version using the Mod Manager
  5. Install the appropriate config file using the Mod Manager
  6. Confirm the Install
  7. Verify that the install was successful
  8. Optionally, edit parameters

Config File Install Steps

Download Config Zipfile

1. Download and save the zipfile of the config file in your admin/mod_folder or to an appropriate folder where you save your TNG software installs and addons
Mod-Manager Download config zipfile.jpg

Extract Config from Zipfile

2. Extract the downloaded zipfile of the config file in your admin/mod_folder.

The illustration is from a Windows Vista environment where the Windows Explorer allows Extracting the files.

You will need to modify the extract location to remove the extra folder that Windows adds to the path.

Mod-Manager extract config.jpg

Install Config File

3. Install the TNG modification using the Mod Manager Status Screen by clicking the Install button.

Note that if you do not have an Install button, but rather a Cleanup button, then you must resolve whatever is causing the problem.

Mod-Manager install config.jpg

Confirm Install

4. Click the Confirm Install button to install the TNG modification.
Mod-Manager confirm install.jpg

Install Messages

5. Verify that all portions of the TNG modification were installed.

Note that the information on this screen is also written to your Admin Change Log (admin/changelog.txt).

Mod-Manager install-messages.jpg

Edit Config File Steps

Some TNG Mods include a parameter that can be edited by the Mod Manager to change the behavior of the mod. County Outlines is one of these mods, so is used to illustrate the process of these optional steps.

Edit Config File Options

1. Click the Edit button on the Mod Manager status screen to edit the parameter options.
Mod-Manager edit options.jpg

Confirm Edit

2. Change the value of the parameter that can be edited.

3. Click the Confirm Edit button on the Mod Manager status screen to save the edited parameter.

Mod-Manager confirm-edit.jpg

Confirm Edit Messages

4. Verify that the edit changes were applied.
Mod-Manager confirm-edit-messages.jpg

Remove Mod Steps

If you have a previously installed version of a TNG modification, you will need to remove the previous mod before installing a new version. You might also want to remove a mod, if it does not perform as you expected.

Remove Mods

1. Click the Remove button on the Mod Manager status screen to remove the mod.
Mod-Manager-uninstall previous.jpg

Confirm Remove

2. Click the Confirm Remove button on the Mod Manager status screen to remove the installed mod.
Mod-Manager confirm-remove.jpg

Confirm Remove Messages

3. Verify that the edit changes were applied.
Mod-Manager confirm-remove-messages.jpg

Delete Previous Config File

4. Delete the config file for the previous version of the TNG modification.
Mod-Manager delete-previous-config.jpg

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