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Note that the Mod Summary table was never completed.

Since the names of the modifications do not say much about the mod's usefulness and functionality, this table will give an overview and brief description.

Mod Name Description Applies to Language
Admin Header Mod Adds two links embedded in the top menu bar on the Admin page that point to TNG Forum and the TNG Wiki. TNG V7 /de
Age Calculation Mod Calculates the age of a person and shows it for the person, parents, and children in the Individual page view. TNG V6+ /de
Auto Email Original Creates a link to the pictures that allow the registered visitors to request images in higher resolution. These images are stored in a separate folder. A copy of the higher resolution image is emailed to the e-mail address of the registered user. TNG V7
Backup / Restore Living Flag This script provides a backup and restore of the manually set Living markings that are lost in a GEDCOM import. TNG V7
Body Text for Translation Uses the Body Text input box for Histories and media collections that behave like histories to contain the translation text for the image and to display both the image and the translation text. TNG V7
CMS Integrations Article provides links to TNG integrated with various Content Manangement System (CMS) TNG V7
Callname Underline Mod Adds support for German call names. Any uppercase word in the first names list will be underlined (for display only, no data is changed). Underlining is the official method to mark call names in Germany. TNG V7
Captcha Editor - Brian's Mod Provides an easy way to change the email address that is part of Brian McFadyen's version of the Captcha Mod and to add a subject to the email to be sent. TNG V7
Captcha Mod While TNG has continually updated its security options, the captcha does eliminate spam suggestions, user registrations, and comment messages. Two different captcha mods are available. TNG V6+
Child Descendant Indicator Mod Changes the indicator used to show that a child has descendants from a > (greater than) sign to a + (plus) sign, which to some is more intuitive indicator that the child has children. TNG V7
Citations Changes the citation display in "sources" from the short titles to the long titles TNG V7
Clear Log File Adds a Clear log file button to the page in TNG that displays the access log. Clicking on the button clears all of the entries from the log file. TNG V7
Clear log file with backup Adds a Backup / Clear Log file button to the page in TNG that displays the access log. Clicking on the button makes a backup of the genlog.txt file then clears all of the entries from the log file. TNG V7
County Outlines Mod Outlines county areas in the Place Search Google Maps and shows the outline and colored background for counties in the United States America (U.S.A.), Provinces in Canada, and any area for which you want to code an outline and specify the cfile. TNG V7
Customized Logs Mod Splits the search engine bots from the normal TNG user access into two separate logs, one for normal access and one for bots. This TNG modification will also change the way site accesses are logged. TNG V7
Default Photo Path Mod Adds a new Default Photo Path in the TNG config.php file for the default photo of a person you created with image file name treeID.personID.jpg, a family you created with image file name treeID.familyID.jpg, and a source you created with image file name treeID.sourceID.jpg. TNG V7
Divorce Indicator Adds a divorce indicator on spouses even if living details are withheld. This modification adds "(Divorced)" in the given language to each Spouse's "Family" entry on the individual page and on the family group sheet, if the couple has a divorce date. TNG V7
E107 Integration Provides links to e107 CMS Integration of TNG. TNG V7
Encrypt New Account Password Encrypts the new account password from the start using md5 hashing so that it is no longer in the clear in your phpMyAdmin for Users who have not yet been approved. TNG V7
Event Map add children mod Show the locations of child births in the Google event map on the people side of the parents. TNG V7 /de
Event Place Search Mod Adds a small Event Search Form on your Advanced Search page that allows searching for a place location associated with a Birth, Death, Burial, Marriage, Divorce, or other Event. TNG V7