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TNG Gedcom Folder

TNG defines a gedcom folder in the Setup >> General Settings >> Import Settings
You might be able to specify that folder as being in a more protected area of your web site.


Generic Shared Hosting

Here is how to put your gedcom files in the safe area above your shared site's document root in three easy steps:

  1. Use cPanel or FileZilla to create the gedcom folder above the site's document root (public_html).
  2. In the Admin >> Setup >> Configuration >> Import settings, set the relative path from your document root to the new folder. If your TNG site is the document root, use ../gedcom. If you are one or two levels below the document root, you will need to use ../../gedcom or ../../../gedcom respectively. Click on Make folder and it will tell you the directory already exists (TNG found it!)
  3. Save the change to the file path

A similar procedure should allow you to store TNG's backup tables in the private area as well.

ICDSoft Example

If you are hosted on ICDSoft for example, the gedcom folder and files could be moved to your /private folder which is not web accessible and can only be accessed through the ICDSoft Control Panel File Manager or through your FTP client.

You could create sub folders under /private to allow for having two or more test systems where you can then add a gedcom folder, for example the following was provided by Ron Krzmarzick

Private Folder Structure

ICDSoft uses www for their web site root and private for files not accessible from the web browser. So under

  • private, you can create
    • www to match your production site
    • tng12 to match the tng12 subdomain
    • test to match a test subdomain
  • www - the web folder structure
    • www is your production
    • tng12 for a tng12 subdomain
    • test for a test subdomain

Localhost Example

Localhost example.png Note that you can simulate or test putting the folders outside of web browser accessibility on your local WampServer setup by creating the gedcom folder as a subfolder to the wamp folder.

Create Gedcom Folder

TNG version: 13.0.0

Note that in TNG 13 and later, Rename Folder replaced the Make Folder button but should provide the same capabilities as the previous Make Folder button.

If you decide to move your gedcom folder, you can use the Make Folder button to create the new folder in Admin > Setup > Import Settings. On ICDSoft, where I already have a config folder under the private directory structure within a subdirectory for the production site (www) and for other test sites, I specified


and clicked the Make Folder button to create the gedcom folder.

Note that if TNG on your site is installed in a subfolder to the web root folder, then the values would have an additional ../ to reflect that TNG is in a subfolder to the web root


Known Behavior

TNG version: 13.0.0

Note that in TNG 13 and later, Download GEDCOM replaced the Preview GEDCOM link.

If you moved your gedcom folder above the web root folder, the Download button cannot be used to download your .ged file. You must use FTP to download your file.
Download GEDCOM link.png

TNG version: 12.3.0

If you moved your gedcom folder above the web root folder, the Preview button once you have selected a .ged file will return

404 Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

This is because the code to preview the file runs as a javascript function in the web browser which cannot access files that are above the web root folder. This is expected behavior and essentially the reason you have moved the gedcom folder so others cannot access your ged file data.

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