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NearD Support
Summary Installation support for templates NearDawn and NearDark versions and later.
Mod Updated 4 Jul 2020
Download link v12.3.0.3a
TNG 12.3.0

TNG 12.0

TNG 10.1.0

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Author(s) Bill Herndon
Homepage NearD Support
Mod Support NearD Support.
Contact Developer Email me.
Latest Mod for TNG 12.3+ for TNG 12.0+ for TNG 10.1.0+
Min TNG V 10.1.0
Max TNG V 13.0
Files modified
templateconfig.php, genlib.php
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This mod is used for installing all of the template configuration and language changes needed by the NearDawn and NearDark templates. The mod also makes the changes that support left-side icon/link clustering, which used to be supported by the mod Icon Gravity.


Bill Herndon


  • A working TNG installation (10.1.0 - 13.0)
  • The Mod Manager


See the Wiki pages for NearDark or NearDawn for installation instructions. This mod only needs to be installed once, since it will make changes for both templates. Although this mod can be used without the NearDark or NearDawn templates, it is not recommended. Users wishing to get the benefit of left-side icon/link clustering should install the Icon Gravity mod by itself.




This mod enables NearDark and NearDawn with support for Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish out-of-the-box.


See the NearDark and NearDawn previews for screenshots.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Revision History

Version Release Date Comments 4 Jul 2020 Compatibility with TNG 12.3. This update is required for TNG 12.3 NearD Support users. 2 Mar 2019 Fixes language file string insertions to conform to TNG 12 standards. This is an optional update for TNG 12 NearD Support users. 20 May 2018 Update for TNG 12 compatibility that removes changes that used to be applied to templateconfig.php. This mod is designed for use with the templates NearDark, NearDawn, and the new Template Manager mod. 21 Jun 2017 No additional functionality. Synced version numbers to remain aligned with NearDark and NearDawn. Tested with TNG release 11.1.1. 30 Oct 2016 Initial release. Supports installation of v10.1.0.2 of the NearDark and NearDawn templates by adding the necessary templateconfig.php variables, language support for Spanish and German, and the code that does left-side icon/link clustering.

Sites Using NearD Support

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod Version TNG Version Language
Lindell-Herndon Genealogy Bill Herndon Mod developer 13.0.4 DA, DE, EN, ES, FR, SV
tobbes familje sidor Torbjörn Åkerman Public site 12.0.3 EN, FI, SV
Dickinson Family Genealogy Steve Milson Public site 12.0 EN
Schmidt - Herbert Genealogy Mike (?) Private site 12.0.1 EN
Mueller Diefenbach Heritage Pages Bob Mueller Public site 12.0.3 DE, EN
Rintoul/Bowman Family Andrew Rintoul Public/Private site 12.0.3 DE, EN, ES, FR
Our Family Past and Present Bob Foley Public site 12.0.2 DA, DE, EN, FR, NL, SV
Jordan - Harding Family Tree Robin Jordan Private site 12.0.2 EN
The genealogy of the Smith and Saunders families Robert Smith Private site 12.0.3 EN