New Templates in TNG 13

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TNG v13 adds 2 new templates to TNG

97. Templates: A new template (#19) from Genealogy Web Templates (GWT) has been added to TNG's list of free designs.
98. Templates: Support has also been added for 10 other new premium templates from GWT.
99. Templates: A variation of Template #4 has been added as Template #20, which uses DIVs instead of tables for layout (courtesy of Ken Roy, with help from Michel Kirsch, Ron Krzmarzick, and Steven Davis).

Template 20

Template 20 is a variation on Template 4 that uses divs instead of tables for page formatting, with several additional features

  • header links to
    • Paternal Ancestors
    • Maternal Ancestors
    • Spouse Paternal Ancestors
    • Spouse Maternal Ancestors
Header Topic Links
  • home page paragraphs that can link to additional user created pages
    • Maternal Family
    • Paternal Family
    • Spouse's Maternal Family
    • Spouse's Paternal Family
Home page paragraphs
Template 20 provides a surname cloud capability that can be tailored in the Template Settings as to how many top surnames to display.
Home page paragraphs

The left sidebar mainly is built from the Template Settings

histories folder

The Template 20 histories folder provides some examples of how to create some of the user pages for

  • maternal family
  • paternal family
  • spouse paternal family

and a couple examples if you want multi-language pages

  • language_maternal.php
  • language_paternal.php

repl_imgs folder

The repl_imgs folder contains imgs that can be used to replace the standard imgs that might be too light to see if you are visually challenged. Just copy the files in this folder and replace the ones in the TNG img/ folder