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PDF Zoom Level Display

Adobe's PDF Open Parameters allow us some flexibility when displaying PDF files on TNG. Below are a couple examples of using the "zoom" parameter. Adobe's guide may be viewed or downloaded at http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/PDFOpenParameters.pdf

1. General Use of Adobe's Zoom Parameter in links within TNG's Notes and Descriptions, or in HTML or PHP pages (link code only)

• Normal link code:
<a href="documents/mypdf.pdf">View My PDF</a>

• Same link code with zoom parameter: (percent of native PDF page view size)
<a href="documents/mypdf.pdf#zoom=85">View My PDF</a>

2. Adobe's Zoom Parameter with Media Uploaded in TNG

Important Note: Using the Adobe zoom parameter with TNG-uploaded media MUST be done in a 2-step process. Adding the parameter before clicking Save to upload will result in a thumb and link displayed, but the link will not be able to find the media.

Step 1 Upload Media - To learn how to add your PDF file in TNG, go to this page: Add New Media - Linked to Person or Family (opens in a new tab or window)

Edit Existing Media page after a normal PDF media Save-upload:

Step 2 Add Zoom Parameter - Open PDF media in Admin > Media > Edit (PDF media cannot be edited from the public side), add the zoom parameter, Save.

Edit Existing Media page after adding the zoom parameter and re-saving:

3. Other Adobe PDF Open Parameters may also be useful, such as "page=pagenum", "search=wordList", etc.

Note: When using more than one parameter...for the first parameter, use the pound sign (#) followed by the parameter, and for additional parameters, use the ampersand (&) followed by the parameter.
Example which opens at 85% zoom with page 3 displayed:
<a href="documents/mypdf.pdf#page=3&zoom=85">

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