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TNG version: 12.0.0

TNG v12 has added several Pie Charts


The pie charts that have been added to TNG show a pie chart with text labels below the chart indicating which colors represent which data element in the chart. This section also shows the total number for that data element. The pie charts show each data element as a slice of the pie and displays the percentage for any slice that makes up at least 5 percent of the whole [NOT VERIFIED, BUT I HAVE NARROWED IT TO BETWEEN 4.8 and 5.3 SO I THINK I'M RIGHT - BSL]. Hovering over a slice of the pie will place focus on that slice of the pie and display a tooltip with the color, text label, absolute number, and percentage of the whole pie. Clicking on a text label below a pie will remove that piece of the pie and cause all other slices to be recalculated. This will also cause the excluded slice to be grayed out. Several slices can be clicked to isolate specific data elements with respect to certain other elements. One can even exclude all slices of a pie causing the chart to disappear completely. Clicking the text label of a grayed out data element will restore that data element to the pie chart. Also, reloading a page will restore excluded pie slices to the chart(s)


On the Statistics page (statistics.php), there are 3 pie charts. The first shows a breakdown of individuals on the website by gender: Male, Female, and unknown. The second pie chart on the Statistics page shows a breakdown of individuals by living status: Living, and Deceased. The Third pie chart shows media on the website broken down by collection. The media pie chart differs from all other pie charts in that it does not show the absolute number of items in each collection in either the text labels or the mouseover tooltip; only a percentage is shown.

TNG V12 statistics pie chart.png


There are two pie charts on each of the Surname List (surnames.php) and the First Name List (firstnames.php). The first pie chart on each of these pages shows the top 10 names within the context of all names on the website, while the second shows only the top 10 names on the website.

TNG v12 surnames pie chart.png TNG V12 firstnames pie chart.png


There is one pie chart on each of the Trees page (browsetrees.php). If there is only one tree on the website, no pie chart will be displayed. The pie chart shows the number of individuals in each tree within the context of all individuals on the website.

TNG v12 tree pie chart.png